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Published on July 4th, 2017 | by Sponsored Content


Air Pollution Solutions via Innovative CleanTech

July 4th, 2017 by  

The fight against air pollution is a costly battle being waged on a global scale. Famously catastrophic, the overwhelming air pollution in China has only worsened since receiving the media spotlight in Beijing for the 2008 Olympics.

China represents an extreme example of what our world could become. In a nation bursting with factories and coal plants vomiting toxic smoke, coal dust, and greenhouse gas emissions, China’s air pollution problem alone is responsible for the deaths of 4,000 people a day or 1.6 million deaths per year. Reportedly, it can be as bad for your health as smoking 40 cigarettes a day.

Seeking a quick fix, the Chinese government has found an innovative answer (sort of). Firing barrages of rockets carrying silver iodide into the toxic skies over the city, Chinese “weather changers” seed rain clouds to disperse heavy pollution prior to important occasions, such as Olympic opening ceremonies and national parades. This is clearly not the perfect solution to the global problem of air pollution.

Seeking Innovative Cleantech Answers To Air Pollution

Searching for answers more innovative than firing silver bullets at bad clouds, many startups are interested in cleantech strategies to address air pollution problems. Looking for support, smart startups are turning to equity crowdfunding to find creative backers with a vision for green, clean technology.

One such recent startup, Israel-based enVerid, received investments from OurCrowd*, a leading equity crowdfunding platform, and is now offering an innovative, award-winning solution to air pollution.

The enVerid Cleantech Solution

Originally designed for submarines and spaceships, the enVerid cleantech solution to air pollution applies an innovative mix of material science, engineering, and operational algorithms to improve air quality and reduce energy costs in all types of commercial and public buildings. A simple solution that can be added as a retrofit to existing HVAC systems or designed into new projects, enVerid’s patented technology eliminates CO2 and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), stopping them from circulating in buildings.

Operating worldwide, enVerid partners with major players in the HVAC industry and green building arena. The company’s HVAC Load Reduction (HLR) modules, an R&D100 Award Winner, have been installed in multiple countries and are consistently achieving energy consumption savings of over 30%.

Intelligently capturing and cleaning indoor air of contaminants such as CO2, VOCs, aldehydes, and particulate matter (PM2.5), enVerid’s HLR technology also helps improve building users’ health, comfort, cognitive performance, and productivity.


enVerid’s HLR award-winning cleantech solution to air pollution. Source: enVerid Systems

Traditional ventilation standards typically require the total replacement of indoor air with outdoor air every 1–2 hours to prevent the high buildup of indoor air pollutants. However, as commercial and public buildings are often located in high-traffic city centers where outdoor air pollution is highly problematic, ventilating these buildings with outdoor air is inefficient and costly.

enVerid is enjoying popularity in Israel, with new installs at IKEA, Apple, Shelby, Azriely, UMH, UTC, and more. enVerid is also well on its way to larger scale deployment in the US, recently signing a strategic agreement with the HVAC division of Johnson Controls, one of the larger automotive parts and HVAC companies in America, with a market cap of more than $24 billion. enVerid’s HLR technology was also recently announced as a 2017 Money-Saving Product Winner by BUILDINGS Magazine.

Recognizing Cleantech As Useful & Lucrative

Utilizing the popular OurCrowd platform to raise early capital has proven to be a winning strategy for enVerid. Recognizing cleantech as useful and lucrative, OurCrowd has helped propel other top-notch Israeli startups like ReWalk Robotics and Crosswise, which was acquired by Oracle in 2016.

Breaking barriers to startup investing, OurCrowd offers access for accredited investors to invest in world-changing technologies. Sourcing deals, performing due diligence, and leading every investment with its own money, OurCrowd now has a stringently accredited membership of over 10,000 global investors. The firm also takes an active role in the companies it finances by assigning industry experts as mentors and taking board seats.

To date, OurCrowd and its investor community have invested more than $440 million in over 100 portfolio companies, many of which are international award winners and have achieved wide acclaim for innovative products and all-star teams. Learn more at OurCrowd.com

*This article was supported by OurCrowd. | China smog image from Bobak (CC BY-SA 2.5), via Wikimedia Commons.


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