What Tesla Model 3 Buyers Need To Know (About EVs & Model 3) — New EV Annex Infographic

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The good folks over at EV Annex have created a beautiful infographic that lays out the basics of the Tesla Model 3 for the masses of reservation holders who are coming up to the point where they will be able to configure and order a vehicle. (The Model 3 configurator is expected to open after part 3 of the Model 3 reveal next month.)

The infographic lays out the basics of the Model 3 for anyone who has a reservation, anyone who wants to be in the know about the car, and those who are completely unfamiliar with it.

Before I dive into the graphics, it is worth mentioning that Roger Pressman of EV Annex has put together a comprehensive book called Getting Ready for Model 3 that covers all of these points and more in much more detail.

model 3 infographic

Getting to Know Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are different, and many buyers of the Model 3 will have no prior experience with the nuances of life with an electric vehicle. Charging is perhaps the biggest difference in the vehicle ownership experience and it comes in different flavors. Instead of fun milkshake flavors, charging is broken out into levels based on the miles of range added per hour (mrph) of charging.

An electric vehicle can be charged from a normal 110 wall outlet with the included charger — also known as a Level 1 charger — but at a very, very slow rate that adds just ~5 miles of range per hour. Most EV owners will install a 30 amp to 50 amp Level 2 charging box — at 50 amps, such a charging box (EVSE) will add about 30 mrph. That ensures a full charge after a night of charging no matter where your EV took you during the daylight hours.

Superchargers take that to the next level with the insane ludicrous rate of 200+ mrph. No other chargers can even come close to these speeds, which is one reason Tesla has such a lead in terms of EVs that are capable of truly long-range travel. When I first purchased my Tesla Model S, I drove it 2,600 miles from Columbus, Ohio, back to my home near Los Angeles, California using just the Supercharger network. It performed flawlessly.

model 3 infographic

Juicing up Your Tesla Model 3

With a Tesla, 90–95% of charging happens at home, and while that is relatively easy to establish in a single-family home, it gets more complicated in multi-family dwellings like condos, apartments, and townhomes, where parking in the same spot every night may not even be an option. Solutions do exist to install chargers for multi-tenant dwellings, but they generally take more time. Starting the discussion with the landlord or property manager in advance of buying the vehicle is advisable to ensure a plan exists to charge the vehicle.

If home charging is not an option, workplace charging can fill the gap. More and more workplaces are installing chargers to lure in forward-thinking, tech-savvy electric vehicle drivers. Workplace charging alone can meet the needs of many EV drivers.

In the event that neither home or workplace charging are available, numerous public charging stations are available to fill the gap. The PlugShare website and smartphone app are fantastic resources for any EV driver who is on the prowl for a public charging station. The majority of public charging stations in the US use the J1772 standard plug for which Tesla includes an adapter with its Model S and X vehicles. There are also a handful of “DC Fast Charging” standards that cannot be used directly with a Tesla, but a CHAdeMO adapter for your Tesla can make it possible on the CHAdeMO network. It’s worth taking some time to get familiar with the basics of charging as your delivery date approaches, so that you can go into the experience with eyes wide open.

Tesla knows that drivers occasionally get a wild hair and just head out onto the open road for a trip to see the beauty of the natural world around us. For those longer trips, Supercharging is around to save the day. It offers the fastest public charging speeds found on the planet and can add range quickly to get drivers back on the road again. Tesla includes 400 kWh of free charging with every Model S and X. After 400 kWh, very reasonable local electricity rates are charged.

model 3 infographic

When Will You Get a Model 3?

The Tesla Model 3 is the most sought after electric vehicle ever sold. It has racked up over 400,000 reservations, for which Tesla has assembled a first-of-its kind manufacturing line to try to produce it at a production rate never before seen in the auto industry. With so many new technologies going into the car and so many new processes being utilized to build it, the production ramp is the most critical factor in the timing of deliveries.

Compounding the ordering process, Tesla has also mapped out specific criteria that it will follow to determine who gets their Model 3 first. Tesla and SpaceX employees are first in line, followed by existing Tesla owners. This was done to reward employees and early customers for their support of Tesla. Next in line, Tesla will deliver Model 3 to customers on the West Coast of the US, which is to ensure customers that experience any issues can get help quickly due to a closer proximity to the factory and to Tesla’s dense network of service centers on the West Coast. From there, deliveries will expand across the US, followed a bit later by a global expansion.

Further complicating the delivery timing is the actual position in the Model 3 reservation list. Hundreds of thousands of reservations were put in on the day of the initial unveiling, building to a total of nearly 400,000 reservations within a few weeks. The timing on which a reservation was put in will also clearly play a role in the delivery timing. Though, the interplay between all the factors is not totally clear.

model 3 infographic


The Model 3 isn’t a typical car. Frankly, that’s why so many people are excited about it. At launch, Tesla is keeping the options available on Model 3 to a bare minimum, only allowing buyers to select from a handful of colors (no, we don’t know the colors yet) and the type of rims on the vehicle. This allows Tesla to focus on dialing in the manufacturing process, which ensures a high-quality product and a successful ramp up of production.

Over time, additional options will be made available — like a larger battery, all-wheel drive, winter package, and a choice of a panoramic roof or glass roof. The specific timing on which these options will become available has not been shared. With the federal tax credit on Tesla’s plug-in vehicles set to expire within the next 12 months or so, many reservation holders are balancing the time they might have to wait for a specific option with the likelihood of getting a $7,500 federal tax credit. Truly a #firstworldproblem, but one that many are debating as Model 3 orders are expected to open next month.

model 3 infographic

Taking Delivery

You’ve done your homework, have been invited to configure your dream car, and are ready to click the big red order button … but there’s one more thing: You have to pay for it.

Lining up financing, moving cash, selling the vacation property, or begging parents for money is all best done in advance of that moment.

As with most dealerships, Tesla has financing options available at purchase, but as a buyer, it is important to think about it beforehand. Line up the ducks, including the money needed to ensure delivery day is a great experience that you’ll never forget and not one where you realized there was no plan.

model 3 infographic

Here at CleanTechnica, we are excited about Model 3 and eager to cash in on our reservations for what we believe is a truly historic vehicle launch. As EV owners, industry experts, and analysts, we highly recommend doing your research about the vehicle ahead of launch and believe that the Getting Ready for Model 3 book is a great way to do that. (No, this is not a sponsored post — we just like good products.)

Head on over to EV Annex to see the full resolution infographic in all its splendor beyond just the snippets we included here.

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