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Published on June 14th, 2017 | by Cynthia Shahan


Nissan’s “Kick Gas” EV Promotion Gives Away Gasoline (#FuelFreedom #KickGas)

June 14th, 2017 by  

This summer “Kick Gas” — an electric vehicle promotion — aims to speed up the progress into electric, zero-emissions transport. Nissan is giving away free fuel to show more people what life without a gas tank can be like. This “Kick Gas” initiative is coming to several fueling locations in 5 US Northeast cities.

I presume some consumers will make their way to new beginnings in transport from this campaign. More drivers will realize the ability is there to step up to an ecologically cleaner means of transit that also lets you leave home every morning with a full charge. Adopting a fuel-free lifestyle with the all-electric 2017 LEAF, the world’s top-selling all-electric vehicle, will appear as easy as it truly is.

Nissan continues: “The promotion demonstrates the freedom of not having to pay for fuel, a feeling that over 100,000 Nissan LEAF owners across the U.S. experience every day.”

“Nissan pioneered the mass-market EV moment and is steadily building the EV charging infrastructure across the country. We’re continuing that tradition by encouraging consumers to ‘Kick Gas’ and adopt an all-electric lifestyle,” said Brian Maragno, director, Nissan EV Sales and Marketing. “We’re bringing the freedom of fuel-free driving that LEAF owners throughout the world know so well.”

Nissan’s No Charge To Charge program — offered in many states — is a nice companion to the #FuelFreedom/#KickGas promotion.

The gas station takeover in the Northeast this summer does include No Charge To Charge states:

New York
New Jersey

“Consumers will be able to track which gas station Nissan has taken over by following the conversation on Nissan’s social media channels and by watching for the #KickGas hashtag. Nissan will surprise locals with free gas three times in each of the five cities. Consumers who receive ‘fuel freedom’ from Nissan are encouraged to join the conversation by posting socially about their experience with Nissan and using the #KickGas hashtag.”

Want to better understand what EV drivers know and feel regarding charging infrastructure? Check out “EV Charging Convenience, Reliability, Accessibility, & Future Needs (CleanTechnica Electric Car Driver Report).” Here are some charts from that, which come out of our 93-page EV driver report based on the surveys of over 2,000 electric car drivers living in 28 countries (49 of 50 US states, 26 European countries, and 9 Canadian provinces).

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