XING Mobility Miss R & Miss E Promise Electric Track Fun On Street

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Somewhere in the comments on the MG E-Motion Concept story, longtime readers Benjamin Nead and Kurt Lowder asked how come we don’t we have small sport electric cars. While electric sedans are great and electric SUVs are interesting, seriously, where are the fun electric Roadsters today? The XING Mobility MISS R & MISS E hope to answer that question.

XING Mobility Miss R & Miss E
Image courtesy: XING Mobility

XING Mobility MISS R & MISS E From Track to Roads

The XING Mobility MISS R and MISS E are really street-ready track cars. In many ways, they remind us of Noble cars which are nothing less than DOTed track cars. If you’ve ever driven one, you can’t help but wonder why Noble hasn’t come up with EVs. Noble, may I help?

But back to XING Mobility — the company is about to introduce two cars (a race and an all-terrain EV) that push all my buttons. The first one is the “MISS R,” which is an on- and off-road superEV. It claims to be “the first on-track and off-road electric supercar.” The other is the MISS E, a track EV. Both just made their world debut on April 23rd at the EV Taiwan show. By the way, XING Mobility, I’m perfectly willing to travel to Taiwan to see you. 🙂

Much like the French exotic carmaker Mega’s Track supercar has been able to hit great speeds on Middle Eastern sand dunes for its wealthy oil owners, the MISS R claims to combine style, speed, comfort, and control pretty much over any surfaces. But don’t get your hopes up of seeing one near you too soon. This will be an ultra-limited production EV run. The XING Mobility MISS R is really the company’s technology showcase developed in-house.

So, Who Is XING Mobility?

XING Mobility, based in Taipei, Taiwan, develops technologies for motorsport EVs as a way to bring breakthroughs and future transportation innovations. XING Mobility’s core mission is to provide race-derived advanced engineering and technology to the global smart mobility market. Although it released an electric race prototype in 2015, the company hired ex-Tesla engineers and developed several EVs destined for street use.

First shakedown below:

XING Mobility MISS R

Technically speaking, the XING Mobility MISS R sports four electric motors and delivers 1 megawatt of power, or about 1,341 HP.

Since this is an 0ff-road race-ready EV, most of the in-house technology developed by XING Mobility focuses on battery cooling, as well as an intriguing use of a gearbox.

Miss R comes with torque vectoring, as would be expected with this much power, and a “magnetorheological active” suspension. A magnetorheological active suspension uses a smart oily fluid type thing that reacts to a magnetic field, which increases its viscosity. The stronger the field, the tougher the suspension.

Is that a Tesla Roadster next to the MISS? Now we know where they got their idea from.

The battery pack is rated at 52 kWh, which pushes this 1,500 kg (3,300 lb) beast to sprint the 0 to 62 MPH in 2.8 seconds and 0 to 437 yards (0 to 400 meters) in 9.8 seconds. Top speed is 288 km/h (roughly 179 MPH). This gives this 1,000+ HP 17200 Nm (1267 ft∙lb) of peak torque. California Baja, here we come!

XING Mobility MISS E

XING Mobility MISS E is the company’s first EV race prototype designed and engineered by the company. It sports a 350 kW electric motor and includes XING Mobility’s patent-pending LiquidCooled Modular Battery Pack technology.

The performance, although not as wild as the MISS R, nonetheless spells a lot of fun on a track: 450 V electric motor, 400 HP, 430 Nm (221 ft. lb.) of torque, with a 6-speed racing transmission system. That part is intriguing since multi-geared transmission still isn’t unanimous in Formula E. The battery pack is 33 kW/h and pushes this 1,300 kilo (2,866 lb) EV racer for a top speed of 288 to 300 km/h (179 to 186 MPH) depending on configuration.

Here’s the XING Mobility Facebook page, Instagram, and YouTube to keep abreast of this EV development.

So, there you go, Benjamin and Kurt. You asked for an EV roadster, and the XING Mobility MISS R & MISS E deliver the goods. Just not sure as to how much and when. Perhaps you could get both?

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