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Autonomous Vehicles

Published on April 7th, 2017 | by Cynthia Shahan


Ford #1 In Navigant Research Automated Driving Ranking

April 7th, 2017 by  

A long list of ecological ills come from the neverending stream of motorists burning millions of barrels of oil a day in the US alone — carcinogenic air and water, a destabilized climate, a dying Great Barrier Reef, and an overall threat to human life itself.

Advancement of automated driving along with adoption of EVs aims to undo many of these modern problems, as well as traffic congestion, traffic injuries, and traffic fatalities. Early development of automated driving began back in the 1950s. It is now rapidly integrating as advancements flow faster and faster — such as computational architectures, sensing technology, vehicle electrification, and connectivity.

From a new “Navigant Research Leaderboard Report: Automated Driving,” we get an assessment of strategy and execution for 18 companies developing automated driving systems. “The Navigant Research Leaderboard Report: Automated Driving examines 18 companies developing automated driving systems, rating them on 10 criteria including vision, go-to market strategy, partners, strategy and staying power,” Navigant writes.

The main takeaway: “Ford leads all automotive and technology companies from around the world in developing autonomous vehicle technology.”

Navigant reports: “Automated vehicles are quickly nearing a level of maturity that will enable initial deployments for consumers. A large group of companies are actively developing complete automated driving systems and the components that go into those systems, including automotive OEMs, suppliers, non-automotive technology companies, and startups.

“Several of these companies entered this market recently but rapidly moved into contention through acquisitions, investments, and strategic hiring of key personnel. Others have been working on automated driving technology for decades.

“These players are rated on 10 criteria: vision; go-to market strategy; partners; production strategy; technology; sales, marketing, and distribution; product capability; product quality and reliability; product portfolio; and staying power. Using Navigant Research’s proprietary Leaderboard methodology, companies are profiled, rated, and ranked with the goal of providing an objective assessment of their relative strengths and weaknesses in the global market for automated driving systems.”

To be quite honest, I follow Tesla so much, I was shocked to find Tesla in the second group — Contenders — and not even high up in that group.

If you prefer list format, here’s how Navigant ranks the top 10 companies:

1. Ford
2. GM
3. Renault-Nissan Alliance
4. Daimler
5. Volkswagen Group
6. BMW
7. Waymo
7. Volvo/Autoliv/Zenuity
9. Delphi
10. Hyundai Motor Group

What do you think about this ranking?

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