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Clean Transport Stealth P-7 E-Bike

Published on March 31st, 2017 | by Nicolas Zart


Beefy Stealth P-7 E-Bike Packs Range, Toughness, & Versatility

March 31st, 2017 by  

It seems as if the electric bicycle (e-bike) world is taking a serious liking to funding its strategy via crowdsourcing, something I’m sure doesn’t please Wall Street too much. Welcome the Stealth P-7, which offers range, versatility, and toughness.

Stealth P-7 E-Bike

Tough Stealth P-7 E-bike

Designed and manufactured in the company’s facility in Melbourne, Australia, what makes the Stealth P-7 e-bike a particular welcome edition to the bubbling world of e-bikes is that it is built to be tough, durable, and versatile. According to its Kickstarter campaign, the Stealth P-7 e-bike stands out, among other ways, by including a mouth-watering off-road only power configuration. This means this e-bike can comfortably bring you back and forth to work, but also let you tackle tougher weekend trail adventures. Sound enticing? It certainly fits my criteria of “I want it all.” Stealth also promises that the P-7 e-bike won’t break your bank account, although we’ll let you decide about that criteria.

The P-7 is a full suspension frame built on the company’s former Stealth B-52, F-37, and H-52. While designed to ride anywhere from bike lanes to off-road XC trails, the underlying design aims to please most riders, while focusing on daily commuters. In other words, this e-bike is 100% street legal, which means you won’t be breaking any laws with it riding on streets, and still pump adrenaline on weekends.

As usual, all of this doesn’t come without a certain weight penalty, which, despite the company calling it the lightest Stealth ever built, tips the scales at 64 lb. The Stealth P-7 e-bike is somewhat on the heavy side. And if that scares you, have a look at the Stealth Bomber, which promises 4500 W of fun at a hefty 116 lb.

Stealth P-7 E-Bike

Beside That, What’s So Special About The Stealth P-7 E-Bike?

The design sheet is impressive and takes a no-brainer approach to an all-around e-bike. By minimizing moving parts, it aims to maximize reliability by using the company’s well tested Chromoly monocoque chassis.

One of my favorite parts is that the Stealth P-7’s battery pack can be upgraded to a beefy 1.5kWh with an onboard DC-1 computer. That option will stretch your range to 93 miles. Stealth doesn’t quote the weight for the upgraded e-bike option.

Stealth P-7 E-Bike

The Stealth P-7 E-Bike Specs

Technically speaking, the P-7 is a modified Stealth F-37, which sports an adjustable front and rear suspension setup. The company says it will accommodate a wide range of riders who will be able to fine-tweak their individual riding styles according to the terrain. All of this rests on 27.5″ x 2.4″ Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires. Braking is managed with 4 MT5 pistons from Magura using substantial 203mm rotors, also proven on the bigger and heavier Stealth B-52.

The Stealth P-7 uses a rear-located planetary geared 750 W BLDC hub motor, with a 7-speed twist grip handle selector.

Top speed is 28 MPH in electric pedal assist speed mode and 15.5 MPH in electric mode only. Remember the off-road option mentioned above? That unlocks the speed to 28 MPH. This boosts the electric motor’s performance to 1000 W. ‘Nuff said!

The battery is 950 Wh, while the upgrade option boosts the package to 1,500 Wh, as mentioned above.

Stealth P-7 E-Bike

Stealth P-7 E-Bike

The Stealth P-7 e-bike is backed by a 3-year frame and swingarm warranty, which can be upgraded to a lifetime warranty. It comes with 12 months warranty for all other components.

Final Thoughts On The Stealth P-7 E-Bike

It’s refreshing to see a company that doesn’t BS you from the get go. Stealth is honest and says they are not out to make the cheapest bike, but the most versatile. Although it claims not to break the piggy-bank, I’m sure many would argue against that. Still, it this versatile e-bike strikes a high note in a respectable way. The Stealth P-7 e-bike sounds like it would do a great job as a fast daily commuter and a powerful weekend ally for conquering off-road trails.

Oh, yes, the price. So far, Stealth has reached $34,323 AUD out of its $76,430 AUD goal. $35 AUD gets you a T-shirt, but a Stealth 100 KM (~62 mile) range will set you $5,700 AUD. As to the Uber 100 mile option, that runs $6,300 AUD. Respectively, this translates to $27 US, $4,400 US, and the jumbo pack, $4,850 US.

If you’re not familiar with Stealth, there are two reviews of its e-bikes on the excellent Electric Bike Review site for the Fighter, and the very potent Bomber.

Now, no one said modern day e-bikes are cheap when they pack power and performance. As far as I’m concerned, the Stealth P-7 e-bike comes as close to everything I want in a versatile package.

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