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Clean Transport All Weather PodRide E-Bike

Published on March 29th, 2017 | by Nicolas Zart


The All-Weather PodRide E-Bike, Perfect For Winter Shape

March 29th, 2017 by  

All Weather PodRide E-BikeYou might easily dismiss the all-weather PodRide e-bike as a kid’s toy, or a covered electric go-cart on steroids bicycle wheels, but this four-wheeled electric vehicle (EV) is an all-weather, eco-friendly journey e-bike. We’re sure it will appeal to those wanting to stay in shape during the winter season.

The All-Weather PodRide E-Bike, Come Rain, Snow, And More

The rebirth of the electric drive has been a particular boon on designers’ creativity by opening a world of new shapes and forms. After all, an EV drivetrain does away with engine and fuel tank constraints. They have also shown to allow for luscious, high-performance sedans with more room than their awkward gasoline counterparts can muster.

At the dawn of the rebirth of EVs, electric motorcycles were humble. Today, ZeroMotorcycle has a well-diversified portfolio of quality electric motorcycles that go well above the 100-mile range. As to electric bicycles (e-bikes), they have also grown in leaps and bounds away from last decade’s heavy Chinese bicycle conversions to more subtle and sleek high-end e-bikes.  But as much as we love riding bicycles and their electric cousins, they are still fine day weathered friends.

All Weather PodRide E-BikeThe prospect of an all-weather e-bike had to happen, one way or another. The PodRide has you covered, pun intended when it comes to braving the elements. Leave it to the fertile mind of Swedish designer Mikael Kjellman to bring us something we secretly want, but never knew, an all-weather e-bike.

Kjellman told the UK Dailymail: “The basic idea of PodRide is to have a weather protected and more comfortable bicycle. I put a lot of effort into making it practical but it has also proven to be real fun to drive. So my solution has been this four-wheeled, fully covered bicycle car.”

All-Weather PodRide E-Bike, Is The Best of Both Worlds

Riding bicycles in icy conditions can be fun with the right tires, but not so much as a daily commuter, especially going to work. The PodRide aims to let riders sit at normal car heights in traffic, but with extra room in the back for storage. In fact, the PodRide starts to blend the lines with a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) by including headlights and turn signals. Perhaps, we can call it a self-powered hybrid NEV?
Kjellman also says that the PodRide isn’t simply made for standard paved roads. It will handle dirt roads, whether you ride to work on one or simply like to tackle them on weekend adventures.

The All-Weather PodRide E-Bike, Technically Speaking

To get it out of the way, it’s no mountain e-bike that will climb trees. The all-weather PodRide e-bike uses a modest 250 W electric motor hooked to a CVT transmission powering the back wheels. The PodRide should give you about 37 miles (60km) of range with a top speed of 15.5 MPH (25km/h), depending on your weight and road surface. The PodRide is road-legal in Sweden and should be in most other countries.
All Weather PodRide E-Bike
There is a rear suspension system, a padded seat for your added comfort and steering system uses rods. Brake handles actuate all four wheels. It also has an adjustable electric motor assist system to let you tackle various environments and distances.
Will it work in San Diego in the middle of summer? That is an interesting question and although we don’t know anything about your heat tolerance, we are told that the PodRide e-bike has an opening under the windscreen to let more fresh air in the cabin.

When and Where Will the All-Weather PodRide E-Bike Be Available?

Kjellman said that he has test ridden the PodRide for over a year and is now ready to build them by year-end. The price has yet to be announced. If you want to get in on the early fun, check out his Indiegogo campaign,
The all-weather ProRide e-bike is an intriguing concept that will appeal to those wanting to stay in shape during the winter months. The company seems to be serious with its latest trip to the Taipei International Cycle Show where it is securing further manufacturing contacts.
We look forward seeing more from the all-weather PodRide e-bike and wish Kjellman and his team success, as well as grace our side of the pond soon enough.
All Weather PodRide E-Bike

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