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Clean Transport Folding Transboard e-scooter

Published on March 29th, 2017 | by Nicolas Zart


Meet the Folding Transboard e-Scooter With Three Wheels

March 29th, 2017 by  

Folding Transboard e-scooterWhile electric vehicles (EV) with four wheels take center stage, we’ve also covered a few electric bicycles (e-bikes) that caught our attention. So how about an electric folding Transboard e-scooter with three wheels?

Meet The Three-Wheeled Folding Transboard E-Scooter

Three-wheel EVs are far and few between for some odd reason. It’s a shame because they make perfect sense with their inherent drivetrain layout stability, and three wheels that can easily accommodate a battery pack. We feel this EV industry segment is sorely missing on choice.

Let’s welcome the folding Transboard e-scooter in this Indiegogo campaign, which hails itself as: “the world’s most advanced 3-wheel electric scooter.” We have no reason to doubt it as the Transboard promises to deliver on a few key points; speed, fun factor, and a one-touch folding system. This last part particularly intrigues me as I’m currently test riding this wildly futuristic Gocycle G3. More to follow on that.

The company started in 2015 with a vision to design a stylish and fun three-wheel EV scooter. It came out with its first prototype 9 months later and is today looking for financial backing. The Super Early Bird pledge is set at $499 for the first 100, the regular Early Bird is $549 and limits itself at 200 examples, afterward, the Indiegogo Promotion is $599 with unlimited Transboard reservations. Once out of its campaign incubation, the Transboard will retail for $1250 in white and black.

Folding Transboard E-Scooter; Battery & Drivetrain

Using an LG Chem 48V, 8.6AH battery pack feeding a 500 W BLDC electric hub-motor, this e-scooter certainly has enough to zip along cities sidewalks.

A double wishbone suspension should keep the front wheels nicely in contact with the road, while the back uses a double L Double Link suspension system. I’ve asked the company to clarify this system and still waiting on their answer. The braking capacity is electric with a physical rear foot brake.

The frame is made out of aluminium, while the body is ABS and the shaft is carbon steel reinforced.

Folding Transboard e-scooter

Transboard Performance

Claiming a 22 MPH with a 20-mile range, the Transboard can go up a 15% hill with a maximum load weight of 220 lb. Cruise control is also onboard, as well as a three-level speed limit system setting, which should come in handy when cruising longer distances.

The Transboard weighs 46 lb with a gross weight of 53 lb, on par with most modern e-bikes.

It uses a LED screen that displays the usual, speed, distance, power, and other functions. Five buttons help you power up the Transboard, as well as set the trip distance and more.


Transboard Intelligent Folding System

This one is going to make some jealous, but the Transboard folds itself at the touch of a button and can be carried away, as you would a suitcase. You can skip to the first minute past the video to see how it works.

This is something that should appeal to city dwellers. Those needing a last-mile solution can bring their Transboard to the office, and back in their apartment.

Folding Transboard E-Scooter Observations

The first thing that strikes us is that the riding position seems to be unnecessarily leaning back and somewhat hunched over. Perhaps this is due to the fact that their Transboard wasn’t adjusted to the testers shown in the video, but it definitely seems the handlebar could go higher.

Although the specs are good, we can’t help but wish it had more connectivity, such as a smartphone app where we can monitor and set performance features. Although the LED display takes over these functions, a Bluetooth app would be a welcome addition.

Folding Transboard e-scooter

Overall, this is another welcome contender in the fairly uncrowded space of e-scooters. Much of the limelight rests squarely on electric cars and e-bike, we welcome seeing more from RT3s, three wheelers and hopefully more from electric motorcycles soon.

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