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Published on March 16th, 2017 | by Kyle Field


The Lighting Science LED Light Bar (aka The L-Bar) — Your Questions Answered

March 16th, 2017 by  

A few weeks back, I wrote up a review of an LED light bar called the L-Bar by Lighting Science. After going to press with it, we were flooded with tons of L-Bar questions from engaged readers, and I’m happy to report that we have answers for all of the questions that were asked.

l-bar questions

One of the big pushes I made in my review was that the L-Bar looked to be purpose built to replace existing 2′ x 4′ fluorescent lighting troffers, so I was excited to hear back from Lighting Science that it can be suspension mounted using aircraft cabling. In addition to this, canopy kits are in the works that will allow for flush-mount suspension applications.

In my initial research, I was not able to find the L-Bar for sale in any retail outlets, but it was clear that it was available for sale … somewhere. Lighting Science confirmed that the L-Bar is indeed available, but only through the electrical distribution channel.

I’m a bit bummed that it’s only available through commercial channels, as the simplicity of the product, the ease of installation, and the great light it puts out would make it a great fit for many residential applications. The L-Bar comes in two different configurations — a 4′ and a 2′ — which come in at $69.77 and $53.33, respectively.

The L-Bar includes a 5 year limited warranty, which requires a certified installation. This is fairly typical and understandable, as installation variability can have a large impact on product longevity, especially for a wet-rated product like this one.

The Correlated Color Temperature (aka CCT) of the L-Bar is 5000K. As such, it is definitely more of a cool white than a soft white. Other CCTs are in the works, so if you’re holding out for a softer light, you may not have to wait long.

The Color Rendering Index (aka CRI) of the L-Bar is 80, which puts it right in the middle of conventional incandescent lighting (CRI of 95) and fluorescent tube lighting (CRI of 62).

Being an LED-driven light, the L-Bar is fairly efficient, with an efficacy of up to 150 lumens per watt. The 4′ L-Bar puts out 4500 lumens at just 30 watts, which is what enables the L-Bar to replace existing fluorescent troffers from a total light output standpoint.

Thanks for sharing your excitement about the L-Bar (which I still think is a fantastic product) and I hope this article answered any unresolved questions from the original post. For further details, dimensions, etc., check out the L-Bar spec sheet.

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