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Published on December 16th, 2016 | by Guest Contributor


Electric Drivers, We Need Your Opinion (New Survey!)

December 16th, 2016 by  

Editor’s Note: I’ve closed the 6 EV surveys we created to feed into our 2nd EV consumer report, because I’m starting to write the report now (see our 1st report here if you haven’t read it yet). However, our friends at EV-Box are conducting a great survey of their own that looks super useful, so we’re helping to get the word out. I’m eager to see the final results, and I’m sure we’ll share the highlights here on CleanTechnica once they are public, so please chime in if you drive an electric car! Additionally, I’ll be speaking at EV-Box’s rEVolution conference in Amsterdam next year, so it’ll be exciting to know that CleanTechnica readers contributed to the EV Manifesto that will be unveiled and widely shared there. Here’s a full guest post from our friend Hugo to explain further:

By Hugo Pereira

We’ve now hit the 1 million mark of electric vehicles on the roads across the globe. Those EV teenage years of “messing around” are officially behind us. Yet, despite the market maturing, EV-related jobs growing, and governments adopting more EVs and stimulating more sales, consumers’ concerns about electric driving are still a tough nut to crack.

Will we get access to enough charging points to charge whenever we like? Would we be into electric cars at all if there were no tax incentives?

Amongst many stakeholders involved in the e-mobility industry, we have to ask ourselves — in this case as an EVSE company — how can we make your lives easier? And how can we advocate for initiatives to help the adoption of electric cars to run as smooth, as cost-efficient, and as energy-efficient as possible?

To find answers, we hope you can take a few minutes to take this short survey.

This survey will form the foundation of what’s to become a Manifesto for electric mobility. This Manifesto will be a compilation of consumer opinions, as well as visions from thought leaders from energy utilities, OEMs, and municipalities. The goal is to create a consensual vision for the near-future evolution of electric mobility.

Only by listening to each other, and working together, will we be able to move forward most effectively. Clean transportation is the only way to roll, if we’d still like ourselves and our kids to breath proper air.

Physical copies of this Manifesto will be given to all attendees of the rEVolution event in March 2017 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. rEVolution is a 1-day conference to showcase and discuss the latest developments within electric mobility in Europe. Pre-register here.

The results of this survey will be published in January 2017. Stay tuned!

hugo-ev-boxAbout the Author: Hugo is an experienced professional in product strategy, inbound marketing, user growth. Currently heading marketing & growth at EV-Box, a leading company in Electric Vehicle (EV) charging solutions and related cloud-based services with over 45,000 charging points around the world. Before joining EV-Box, I’ve worked and lived in Belgium, India, Netherlands and Portugal and gained hands-on experience in user growth, leadership development & marketing strategy in different industries and sectors. Hugo is passionate about technology centered around the interests, needs, and well-being of mankind.



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