Tapping Wave Energy To Create Fresh Water With Atmocean

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Wave energy systems have unique advantages compared with other renewable energy sources in terms of predictability and capacity. The key to success, however, is to provide low-cost systems that operate reliably in the harsh ocean environment. That has been the challenge for years or decades now.

How Atmocean Is Tapping Waves To Create Fresh Water

Atmocean’s approach sets it apart from other wave energy ventures in ease of deployment, serviceability, market focus, and overall economics. The focus is on generating fresh water that can be used to cultivate desert or barren shoreline regions. The result is a simple and flexible system that can be rapidly deployed to regions of the world needing more clean water and increased food supply to support growing populations.

The Atmocean system is designed to “green the coastal desert,” and consequently address both issues simultaneously. Atmocean is currently doing equity crowdfunding and accepting investment commitments here — interested investors can start with as little as $250.

Why Is This Technology Important?

Los Alamos National Laboratories estimates that globally there are over 7,000 miles of non-cultivated coastline with sufficient waves to support an Atmocean system. The company estimates that over 13,000 systems could be deployed in Peru and Chile alone, generating billions of gallons of fresh water per year. Sadly, Peru is even now experiencing conflict and social strife as freshwater supplied by melting glaciers becomes less reliable and aquifers are being depleted.

Other countries where the Atmocean technology could be deployed include Baja, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, Morocco, Namibia, Angola, Western Sahara, Mauritania, and Senegal. In all these places, improved water and food security will directly translate to economic and societal uplifting.

Like a blade of grass in the wind, Atmocean’s wave energy array has been designed to move with rather than resist the waves, ocean currents, and tides which together make the ocean a very complex and punishing environment. This key feature reduces our impact and footprint on the seafloor, keeps operating costs down, and allows for ease of maintenance. Learn more about this technology in the video below:

Atmocean Now Accepting Investment Via Equity Crowdfunding

Given Atmocean’s modular design, its systems can be shipped in standard containers by rail, truck, or containership. This allows for mass production at a centralized location, while reducing on-site operations and need for heavy machinery — accelerating economies of scale to achieve very low delivered cost.

While globally applicable, by using off-the-shelf components, the system is locally serviceable and can be quickly deployed using local boats and barges. These features enable local communities to service and manage their own systems, generating local employment and support.

The company is now conducting an equity crowdfunding campaign to raise money needed to deploy a full-scale pilot system in Ilo, Peru. This is not a Kickstarter™ type of campaign where donors receive tokens of appreciation. Equity crowdfunding allows anyone — including non-accredited investors — to own shares in the company. Learn more about the Atmocean and its current equity crowdfunding campaign here.

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