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Published on August 8th, 2016 | by Guest Contributor


BMW Vs. Tesla: Who’s Desperate Now?

August 8th, 2016 by  

Editor’s Note: Let’s be honest: these commercials are really embarrassing (for BMW). The make BMW look even sadder than before. They actually seem to make the point that the Tesla Model 3 is worth waiting for, because who wants to settle for a BMW plug-in hybrid? Here’s TeslaMondo’s commentary for a bit more ironic perspective on the matter:

A little while ago, BMW publicly accused Tesla of desperately trying to associate itself with BMW by concocting rumors of a product partnership. Well, look at these videos below. Who is desperate now? Nissan tried something similar back in April. Meanwhile, across a few ponds, Hyundai is taping its windows and piling sandbags in preparation for Hurricane Tesla’s arrival in Korea. It threatens to wash away the poor little Hyundai Ioniq.

Hybrids are done, folks, even plug-in ones. No wonder the elite BMW i-team went AWOL in China and joined Future Mobility.

But wait — German carmakers have nothing to fear from Tesla, says this German writer in a German magazine, based on his dialogue with German auto industry people, some unnamed. Here’s an excerpt:

Take Tesla. For all its supposed tech savvy, Tesla has no technology of its own that the German carmakers don’t have already. In fact, Tesla is loaded with components from German suppliers, from chipmaker Infineon to Bosch, which supplies the sensors for self-driving. Batteries are a commodity once production is up and running. German carmakers’ autopilot technologies – involving cameras, infrared, radar and more – are at least as advanced as Tesla’s, industry analysts say. Tesla’s innovation centers around the ambition and vision of its founder, and its willingness to burn investors’ cash, a German industry source says.


“Ich finde ihre beleidigungen seltsam erotisch.”

Reprinted with permission. 
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