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Published on August 6th, 2016 | by Cynthia Shahan


Nissan Future Lab: Electric Carsharing, Ridesharing, & Living Labs

August 6th, 2016 by  

Nissan Future Lab (initiated in 2014) examines the future of mobility. Along the way, Nissan explains how the company is advancing mobility. Nissan Future Lab’s work is illuminated with developments in automotive technology related to electric, autonomous, and connected vehicles, including electric carsharing, and ridesharing. The work involves a series of “real-world experiments and trials to bring future mobility scenarios to life through several ‘Living Labs’ scenarios.”


Networking with external partners such as San Francisco–based Scoot Networks, Living Labs can discern and uncover opportunities while observing user behavior.

“Working within the living lab framework allows Nissan to experiment out in the marketplace,” said Rachel Nguyen, executive director, Nissan Future Lab.

In collaboration with Scoot Networks, Nissan sent 10 Nissan New Mobility Concept cars (essentially, the Renault Twizy with a paint job and a different name) into San Francisco last October. Users can rent them via the Scoot app.

Nissan’s Living Labs focus in on vehicle ownership structures, the changing marketplace for vehicle technology, and new uses for 140363_1_5-2-e1457537015376electric vehicles. One of the trends of the times is carsharing, and thankfully electric vehicles is another. Combining them just makes sense. Vehicle to grid, a somewhat related Living Labs focus, is another modern innovation offering utilitarian benefits.

Nissan’s Living Labs purpose: “To impact mobility from now until 2025 in ways that improve quality of life and are sustainable.”
Locations include California, Paris, and Tokyo.

Check out the Nissan Future Lab fact sheet for more.


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Images via Nissan

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