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Published on August 2nd, 2016 | by Sponsored Content


FLAUNT Electric Bicycles Join The eBike Revolution

August 2nd, 2016 by  

FLAUNT Electric Bicyles

Atticus, by FLAUNT Electric Bicycles

There’s a new eBike on the block — FLAUNT Electric Bicycles*!

FLAUNT Electric Bicycles (created by FLAUNT Electric Vehicles) brings together exceptionally high-quality components and market-leading aesthetics to consumers looking for an eco-friendly option for commuting, leisure activities, and outdoor recreation. If you’re new to the eBike world — riding an electric bike is like riding a normal bike but you have the option for a boost on those long-distance rides or uphill.

FLAUNT’s eBikes set a new standard for the industry across both form and function. Designed to look and feel authentically like a bike, FLAUNT Electric Bicycles are powered by a 36-volt, 15.6-amp Samsung lithium-ion battery pack capable of more than 40 miles on a charge without pedaling, so you will not have to replace your battery every year, or worry about safety factors.

FLAUNT Electric Bicyles

Take electric biking head on with FLAUNT Electric Bicycles

Built for a range of terrain and purposes, a walk assist feature and six levels of pedal assist provide throttle work that is streamlined together using a 500W Dapu/FLAUNT motor, all topped off with integrated headlights, tail lights, and an LCD display created jointly by Dapu and FLAUNT.

In addition to these standard parts and materials, FLAUNT offers four models that differ in frame and handlebars, with both on-road and off-road tire options — all at a price point below the industry’s usual $2,000 price point.

FLAUNT Electric Bicycles are currently in production and available — the funds from a new crowdfunding campaign will help manufacture the company’s next round of bikes. Contributors will receive their eBike during the Indiegogo campaign, which is a huge bonus!

CT 20160622_193802

With a target goal of $50,000, the Indiegogo campaign also offers other unique perks in addition to the $1,350 eBike level. To become a backer or view a full list of rewards, visit their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

*This post has been kindly sponsored by FLAUNT; all images from the company, used with permission.


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