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Formentera Aims To Go 100% EV

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Originally published on EV Obsession.

The small Spanish island of Formentera — a popular tourist destination during the summer months — is aiming to become (at some unspecified date in the future) free of non-zero-emissions vehicles, according to recent reports.

As part of the path to this ambitious goal, the island recently took delivery of 6 Citroën E-Mehari electric vehicles (EVs). The E-Meharis were donated by the auto manufacturer to various hoteliers on the island with the intent of helping the transition to EVs (and possibly paving the way for further orders as well, no doubt).

Citroen e-Mehari

To provide some context here — the 12-mile-long island is home to only around 12,000 or so people, but during the summer months, this number surges, along with the number of cars on the island. Apparently, a great many people bring their cars to the island by ferry.

Autoblog provides more:

up to 15,000 cars make their way onto the tiny island at a single time. For the inhabitants, peak tourism season means more air pollution, more congestion, and more noise from the abundance of vehicles.

… The local government is already encouraging hotels to rent out electric cars to guests, and some 200 businesses have taken advantage of tax breaks to install EV chargers on their properties. Also, Citroën is offering to provide hotels and car rental companies a discount on purchases of E-Meharis (though it’s unclear if it will lease out the batteries as it does in France). To the island’s advantage, its diminutive size means that range limitations of battery electric vehicles aren’t much of a concern. With 124 miles of driving range, the E-Mehari can drive from one end of Formentera to the other and back five times between charges.

The island’s tourism minister Alejandra Ferrer noted that the idea of the island going EV-only has been discussed by locals for some time now as a possible solution to tourism-associated pollution and noise.

“Formentera is working to maintain its characteristic landscape and peacefulness,” she commented.

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  • Eric Wadge

    Malta easily qualifies as a small island perfect for the introduction of EVs. As Europe’s most densely populated country and with a size of only 316Km2, it would be ideal for EVs as range would never be an issue.
    Like many densely populated cities however, many houses do not have access to off street parking, making charging at night impossible.

    • Bob_Wallace

      Wireless charging is the likely solution for on street charging. Embed the senders under the pavement or at least flush with the pavement. Use wifi handshaking with EVs to control charging and bill users.

  • dogphlap dogphlap

    Good for them.
    Still on such a small island the air pollution due to cars should be low even now. While the locals could be corralled into EV only the visitors may not be so easily persuaded. If the island insists that the visitors can only bring EVs to the island that may have an adverse affect on tourist revenue if it discourages visiting ICE vehicles from mainland Europe. I hope they stick to their plan though, it could also have a positive affect on the number of visitors, clean air and quiet roads might be an attraction, try it and see.

  • jimbo

    Small islands are the perfect place for introducing electric vehicles as the sole type of vehicle. It would also be a good test bed for V2G as an energy storage solution for the 100% renewable energy they should be generating. Especially as importing diesel or oil for power generation and transportation is expensive

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