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North Carolina Blocks 2nd Tesla Store In State

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The government of North Carolina has continued its recent line of seemingly inexplicable decisions, with its choice to now deny Tesla a dealership license for Charlotte despite earlier hints that it would approve.

If approved, the location outside of Charlotte, in the suburb of Matthews, would have been the company’s second in the state. Tesla currently operates a service center and gallery at the location. The company’s only dealership is located in Raleigh.

The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles apparently ruled that Tesla must go through a third-party dealership group — in other words, the company would have to sell to local groups, which would very likely have no real incentive to sell the vehicles to begin with, let alone to follow or support the company’s long-term development plans and goals.

And I have to wonder anyways, how much would a dealership-sold Tesla Model S (with the dealership taking their cut as well) even cost?

Automotive News provides more:

The electric automaker argued this month that the Matthews location should be exempt from the state’s ban on manufacturer-owned dealerships, according to a DMV order. The state instead sided with four dealership groups in opposing issuing the license. Hendrick Automotive Group and Sonic Automotive Inc were two of the opponents.

The North Carolina DMV, in an order signed by Administrative Hearing Officer Larry Greene, said there are “at least three independent dealers” in the market that would be able to own and operate a Tesla dealership “in a manner consistent with the public interest,” meaning the exemption would not apply. Requests for comment from Tesla spokeswoman Khobi Brooklyn and Shawn Mercer, the attorney who represented the dealership groups, were not immediately returned.

The stink of this….

Thanks to “McHoffa” on the Tesla Motors Club forum for this update.

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  • Burnerjack

    A classic case of ‘corruption hiding in plain sight’. Citizens that want to buy a Tesla need to buy in another state and deny this one the sales tax.

    • skippyxxx

      You must not get out much. The moment that car is registered in that state you pay the tax on what they say its value is not what you say its value is… enjoy!

      • Burnerjack

        Well, in the state I live in, I pay a sales tax when I buy it, then an annual ‘excise’ tax on the assumed value. Its been quite some time since I bought a vehicle and I’ve never transfered one from another state. Are you possibly confusing sales tax and the reoccurring excise tax? BTW, no need for condescension. While you may WANT to, you don’t NEED to be a d!ck.

  • Larry

    Maybe North Carolina is afraid the Tesla store would have a unisex bathroom

    • Frank

      Been in one of those on a ferry. They have stalls. Didn’t seem to make much difference.

    • lol 😀

  • Rick Danger

    North Carolina… where ignorance truly is bliss….

  • Epicurus

    Red state rednecks are good about talking up the free market but not living up to it.

    • Burnerjack

      Not redneck. Corrupt.

      • Epicurus

        Absolutely. Corruption and crony capitalism.

    • skippyxxx

      Please stop using the term “rednecks” because you don’t know what it means. In case you’re interested in its origins it was used to designate the white slaves America baked to death in the sun.
      Yes, white slaves!
      It’s sort of like the 10 million death camp victims you never hear about during WW2 being over shadowed by the 6 million Jews that met the same fate.
      Not to sure why this is.

      • Epicurus

        That’s a new one on me.

        In Texas, the term redneck refers to whites who work outdoors and get sunburned on their necks (or to any working class occupation now).

        Yes, I am very familiar with the fact that 6 million non-Jews perished in Nazi death camps, as are other educated people. I had not heard it was 10 million, but that number is not implausible.

        • That’s how the term was used in Florida too, and many people who fit the category seemed to claim the nickname. Wasn’t aware of the deeper history (assuming that is where it came from).

          • Epicurus

            Right. There are country and western songs which sing the praises of rednecks.

          • Knetter

            Nitpicking here, but 6-7 million jews AND 6-7 million undesirables died at the hands of the Nazis.

          • Bob_Wallace

            “While there are differing versions of the term’s origin, the first use of “redneck” appears to refer to the Scottish Covenanters of the 17th century, an independence movement created in response to England’s King Charles I, who took steps to bring Scotland’s Presbyterian church under his control. In 1638, Scottish Presbyterians signed the National Covenant, declaring their allegiance to their religion over the King of England. The Covenanters signed in blood, and to symbolize this oath, wore blood-red bandannas around their necks. Under English persecution, many Covenanters joined the Scottish migration to Ireland that began in the early 1600s.
            Scottish Presbyterians lived in Ireland for several generations. However, the 1704 Test Act required that all government officials and civil servants pass a test of allegiance to the Anglican church. Within about a decade, thousands of Scots-Irish migrated to the American colonies. Landing mostly in New England, they made their way south in search of open land. Eventually, the Scots-Irish spread throughout what today are the Southern states and many Southerners today trace their ancestry back to these migrants who brought not only their culture of rugged individualism and religious devotion, but also the term “redneck.””


            That’s my paternal side. Descendants of Scottish kings who came to America in order to get away from the English church.

          • That looks like it would pre-date any white slaves….

          • Epicurus

            I bet you are related to William Wallace.

          • Bob_Wallace

            Not that one. But there’s a William in the chain.

      • Epicurus

        I think the Jews are the only ethnic group Hitler wanted to exterminate completely except perhaps for the Romani, but his irrational, delusional mind didn’t blame the Romani for all of Germany’s and the world’s ills. They were simply undesirables, like many others. The Jews occupy a special place among all of Hitler’s victims for that reason.

        • neroden

          Hitler definitely wanted to exterminate the Romani. And he wanted to exterminate homosexual people.

          Before going after ethnic groups, however, Hitler’s priority was to kill his political enemies. Communists and Socialists were first to the concentration camps.

          • Epicurus

            Not that I want to exterminate them, but I wonder what the world would be like if everyone with an IQ of less than 100 suddenly disappeared. Would Donald Trump be the Republican nominee? Would climate change denial be as prevalent as it is now?

        • skippyxxx

          it doesn’t make it more or less heynis because of the reasoning why your gassed, it’s all the same. Why someone puts so much emphasis on the reasoning; they killed me because I was a redhead and the only kill you because your arms were too long, is there really a difference. Everyone wants to be in the they kill me for this reason classification it’s nonsense it’s all the same when you were killed by Hitler you were killed who cares if you’re a Jew or Chinese or whatever it’s all just equally as bad.

  • neroden

    Stupid bullshit backed by NADA; no dealer can make a profit buying at retail and reselling at more than the online price, so all three dealers they identified are lying.

    Luckily, it doesn’t matter; the cars are ordered online. As long as Tesla can open service centers all will be fine.

  • Deborah Marie Flower Power

    Thats crazy !!!!! Tesla needs to be everywhere….Tesla is the future…

    • Michael B

      Some wise man (or wiseguy) once said, “The future is already here. It’s just not uniformly distributed.” And NC and a few other states prove that very point. Don’t worry, it’ll catch up to them — if by nothing other than osmosis.

    • Burnerjack

      Clarification: ‘EVs are the future’. Detroit knows it. They also ‘know’ that there is no room for Tesla in ‘their future’. Of course, they also ‘knew’ Japanese imports will never be popular or of significant numbers to amount to anything.
      ‘Detroit’: Too clever by half.

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