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Stephen Curry Latest Superstar To Buy Tesla Model X

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Edit: Note that a commenter has included a picture of Steph Curry, his wife, and his daughter in a Model X. Seems like a legit story.

Stephen Curry

Image by Keith Allison (CC BY-SA 2.0 license)

The prominent NBA basketball player Stephen Curry reportedly just bought a Tesla Model X, going by a recent article published on Seeking Alpha.

While the article did note that a Tesla salesperson had revealed to the writer that the customer just preceding the writer was in fact Curry, the focus of the article is on the company’s Autopilot software, so not much else was written in the recent article on the subject.

After looking around some, I haven’t been able to confirm the news, but it shouldn’t be too surprising (if true), as Tesla has established quite a name for itself lately. Many famous athletes, actors, and singers — such as Akon, as Akon expressed at length to CleanTechnica director & chief editor Zach Shahan — have become huge Tesla fans.

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The rest of the article on Seeking Alpha was fairly interesting as well, so seems worth posting an excerpt from here:

Well, if it’s good enough for Steph, then it’s good enough for me.

Last week, I received a call from Elon Musk’s office to test the company’s self-driving technology embedded in their new vehicles for readers of the Diary of a Mad Hedge Fund Trader. I did, and prepare to have your mind blown!

I was driving at 80 MPH on CA-24, a windy eight-lane freeway that snakes its way through the San Francisco East Bay mountains. Suddenly the salesman reached over and flicked a lever on the left side of the driving column. The car took over!

There it was, winding and turning along every curve, perfectly centered in the lane. As much as I hated to admit it, the car drove better than I ever could. All that was required was for me to touch the steering wheel every five minutes to prove that I was not sleeping.

The cars do especially well in rush hour driving, as it is adept at stop and go traffic. You can just sit there and work on your laptop, read a book, or watch a movie on the built in 4G WIFI HD TV.

Certainly an enthusiastic review of the Autopilot feature. Despite the occasional issue, I’m inclined to agree with the writer of the above article — the Autopilot feature does a notably better job driving on the highway or freeway than the vast majority of drivers do….

I’m aware that some people disagree on that count, but my personal experience is that people are terrible drivers — and that current autonomous driving technology can often do a far better job.

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  • Burnerjack


  • Farmer_Dave

    Typical of Seeking Alpha, the author gets many things wrong about driving a Tesla on Autopilot.

    “You can just sit there and work on your laptop, read a book, or watch a movie on the built in 4G WIFI HD TV.”

    Wrong on all the above.

    • hybridbear

      I was going to comment on this too! What a stupid thing to write!


    Steph did indeed buy a model x, here is the unmistakable interior falcon wing roof!

    • omar

      very nice life: healthy car and beautiful wife…

      • Michael B

        Not Also to mention, repeat MVP, only 400+ three-point shooter, etc. etc. etc.

        Healthy car? 🙂

        • omar

          I mean a car doesnt have gas exhosts which is not good for health, less noise whitch is good for health and less vibration which is good for health. but what do you mean by: “repeat MVP, only 400+ three-point shooter, etc. etc. etc.” ??

          • Michael B

            Oh, you mean a healthy-for-people-and-the-planet car… got it! 😉

            Ah, you do follow (American) basketball. Stephen Curry, even at 28, is already — at the risk of receiving some negative replies — one of the best basketball players that “the world has ever known”.

            He won the NBA MVP last year and this year, setting many records in the process. He made 402 three-point shots during the regular season (besting his own record from the previous season by over 100), which amounted to over 5 per game. (Moreover, he played less than 3/4 of a game, on average.) This is a “Gretzky-esque” accomplishment/record, and may never be beaten (unless by him, next year? :)).

            He also made his team and teammates better, as they set an NBA record of 73-9, which may also take a LONG time to ‘fall’ (72-10 held for ~20 years). The team won the (national) championship last year, and have a fair-to-good chance of repeating that.

            He’s both a local and a national sports “hero” here, aided in part by being a wonderful person and personality.

            Should I go on? 😉

            en dot wikipedia dot org /wiki/Stephen_Curry, of course!

          • Bob_Wallace

            Omar lives in West Africa. He may not know things like MVP = Most Valuable Player, a award to the basketball player who is judged to have been the top player of the year during the regular (pre-championship playoff) period.
            He’s probably a fan of that game where they don’t let the players use their hands and force them to crudely kick a ball around a field. ;o)

          • He’s incredible. And seems to be a really nice guy. Hard not to love him, no matter what team you support.

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