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“Bright” Vlogger Tests Model X Door-Closing Sensors With His Hand

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While the vehicles we drive and the tools we use continue to get smarter and smarter, proof that humans don’t always follow suit abounds. The latest example of this is, ironically, tied in with arguably the most technologically advanced vehicle on the planet — the Tesla Model X and it’s beautiful falcon-wing doors.

The doors are equipped with a full suite of sensors that, when combined with the ability to pivot on two unique axes, allow them to open in even the tightest of spaces. When open, the doors allow most normal-sized adults to step into the rear of the car without having to duck, which is much appreciated for those of us who have enjoyed the interesting exercise in human body manipulations that are often required to enter the rear seats in some SUVs. But will it blend? Or in this case… will it close on a human hand and squash it like a bug?

That question must have been burning in the minds of a few adventurous folks over at the “Bright” YouTube channel, who also call into question the accuracy of the name of the channel, as they went into a Tesla showroom to film an update on the X and decided to put the rear doors to the test.

I personally would have opted for something a little less… attached to my body… but hey, that’s just me. Check out the video below, which was recently shared on the Tesla Motors subreddit.

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  • NRG4All

    The answer to having no injuries in car doors is to not have any doors. You sit on the roof and wear a helmet that picks up your brain waves! But then again, the lawyers would be opposed to that. (;op)

    • Bubba Nicholson

      Try thinking about this for 50 hours and see what you come up with.

  • Matt

    I’ve seen someone with their hand in the front door of a Chevy before, it did not go this well. We ended up at the ER checking for broken fingers.

  • Dragon

    I think it should have a special sensor that detects if an oil industry executive has a body part in the door and if so, it applies maximum closing force. MUHAHAHAHA!!

  • Ronald Brakels

    Provided it can detect and not apply enough force to injure child hands, this is great, as car doors are a serious source of hand and finger injuries. Every car may be required to come with sensors to prevent hand injuries before too long in Europe, Australia, etc. And of course self driving cars will pretty much require this sort of technology.

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