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Cleantech Revolution Tour Launches In Berlin! (1st CleanTechnica Event)

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As I wrote just before Christmas, CleanTechnica is planning to implement solar + electric vehicle events in cities across North America and Europe (and perhaps further at some point).
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In partnership with GridHub, an exciting renewable energy startup based in Berlin that I’ll write more about shortly, we’re launching the first CleanTechnica event in “The Grey City.” (I know, Berlin’s nickname is not particularly inspiring, but the city is definitely a cool place and a cleantech hub.)

You can view the preliminary event agenda right here: Cleantech Revolution Tour.

Of course, I’m very eager to meet a bunch of CleanTechnica readers, and we initially had dozens of you indicate that you’d attend one of our events in Berlin, so I hope most (or all!!) of you can make it.

I’m excited to also bring in some top solar & EV journalists, analysts, and executives who I admire greatly. I’m earnestly eager to meet (in the human flesh) and learn a bit more from these cleantech notables. I’ll write more about the presenters and panelists in the coming days, and will also publish interviews with them on CleanTechnica after the event.

Sponsors and partners, other than GridHub, who will be involved in this launch include EV-Volumes, Renewables International, World Future Council, EV Obsession, and Solar Love, with several others likely to sign on soon.

As indicated in the agenda, the dates are April 9–10, 2016. The price is just €50. You can reserve your spot via our registration page or simply by clicking right here:


If you would like to sponsor this Cleantech Revolution Tour event, sponsorship options are here.


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  • Hugo Hvidsten

    Hmmm. Sounds interesting. I Might come down from Norway for a fun weekend in Berlin. Will look into the possibilities and decide within a week or so. Too far for my C-zero though, guess I should try to find someone with a Tesla who would like to go also 🙂

  • Freddy D

    Any visibility yet into schedule in other cities yet?

    Have a Doener-kebab for me!

    • No, sorry. This one got fast-tracked with thanks to GridHub, but personal matters on my end (including a 2nd baby on the way) will likely delay others for awhile. But hopefully will do a couple more by the end of the year.

      • Riely Rumfort

        2nd baby, yowza.
        They’ll be a couple little GreenPeas.

        • Indeed. 😛 😀

          • Riely Rumfort

            Zach, any way you can unblock account ‘DecksUpMySleeve’ email
            I’d like to move back to my disqus account instead of this one. I’m forced to use this account merely by my desire to comment on cleantech.
            I argued with Bob once about climate vs weather, as I believe the Sun to be a large player alongside GHG, while he felt it trumped all. How’s Bob doing btw, hear from him?

          • Yeah. Think it’s done.

          • DecksUpMySleeve

            Thank you Very much.

      • Nick


    • Scott Cooney

      We’ll do one in San Francisco this summer, for sure.

      • San Fran/Silicon Valley has the most interest by far. Will definitely get there. 😀

  • Kyle Field

    Can’t wait for these to bring these stateside 😀

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