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Published on February 3rd, 2016 | by James Ayre


Sour Model X Unveiling Guest No Longer Allowed To Buy From Tesla, Has Model X Reservation Cancelled

February 3rd, 2016 by  

Originally published on EV Obsession.

In yet another example of the way that Tesla seems content to forge its own unique path, rather than follow the precedents set by those before it, the company has made the rather interesting choice to cancel the Model X reservation of somewhat outspoken Tesla/Elon Musk critic.


Stewart Alsop II in 2008

The critic in question is Stewart Alsop. His blog post titled “Dear @ElonMusk: You should be ashamed of yourself” did the rounds late last September, following an unsatisfactory experience at the Model X unveiling. The crux of that article’s critique was primarily the seemingly unprofessional approach of CEO Elon Musk — the event began roughly an hour and a half late, as many will recall.

Speaking for myself, while some of the points made were sensible ones, the overall tone of the article did seem rather petty — like someone fishing for a response, or trying to push someone’s buttons.

It seems that Musk himself had a similar take — and took the article as a “personal attack,” according to a new article from Alsop (“Banned By Tesla!”). Here are some excerpts from that:

Dear @ElonMusk: Thank you for reaching out to me. I heard from our phone conversation that you feel that my post, “Dear @ElonMusk: You should be ashamed of yourself”, was a personal attack on you. I also hear that you are not comfortable having me own a Tesla car and have cancelled my order for a Tesla Model X.

…Anyway, the end result is that you have decided that I can’t own one of your cars, and I am terribly disappointed. I had outlined in the original post how excited I was at the prospect of owning a Tesla, especially the Model X and especially the configuration I ultimately ordered — the P90D in red with black leather seats and the Ludicrous Speed option.

I must also admit that I am a little taken aback to be banned by Tesla. When I wrote a blog post about my BMW X1 called “My Car Makes Me Feel Stoopid”, the CEO of BMW didn’t take the car back. And in the many articles and posts I have written criticizing products, companies and people, I have never been banned from doing business with any of the companies!

There’s more to the article of course, but you probably get the gist of it now.

I admit to feeling like I’m not getting the full story here — but you never do in these situations, do you? What do you think? Bad choice? Doesn’t matter? Why bother with customers who will give you bad press? Musk’s dictatorial tendencies are a good thing, and the key to the company’s success?

As a side note, according to “Johan” on the Tesla Motors Club forum, there’s currently a Norwegian who’s blacklisted as well. The situation in that case apparently is a bit more straightforward, though:

There’s also a Norwegian blacklisted. Apparently because Tesla thinks he has bought and sold too many Model S’s too quickly, pointing to the clause saying they won’t sell to people who they have good reason to believe is buying not to be the end user, but only to pass the car(s) on for profit.
I should add: This is one of the advantages of being production constrained. 🙂
That said it is a fine line to deny buyers.

(Tip of the hat here to “Auzie” on the Tesla Motors Club forum for sharing the story.)

Image by Joi Ito (some rights reserved)

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  • If you quickly scan over all his previous posts
    you can clearly see he is just a Chicken Little telling the world the sky is falling in his little side of the blogosphere. His article titles are classic Click Bait that catches your attention. It’s a natural alarm instinct that preps the body for fight or flight response from the readers. This is classic Internet Troll activity. Clearly he’s not happy with the Tesla Motors products or the company. So why is he buying the car? My guess it’s too pick it apart to give more weight to his future arguments.

    Normally I would just ignore someone like this. (Lesson #1: Do not ever and I mean never Feed the Trolls!) Do you really want a troll like this to own a Tesla car? Do you think he’s going to state respectable criticism about the car? Not on your life! I think Elon did right in this case. Heck if he didn’t cancel Stewart order, I would have wrote Elon a letter to encourage him to cancel the order. Not canceling the order is feeding the Trolls. It’s giving them food for thought, or in this case blog articles.

    Stewart use to be a paid writer for a few magazines. He was fired from two jobs (hint hint) and now he is a Venture Capitalist. Maybe he should sell his investment in Tesla and go find some other company to insult. Clearly we can see he really doesn’t want the car.

  • neroden

    Turns out Stewart Alsop and Elon Musk have a personal history with a sour venture capital round for Sounds like there’s a loooong backstory here.

    • dogphlap dogphlap

      Please tell us more, you have me intrigued.

  • Neel

    I agree with the Bad press one where Stewart had his cancelled; but for the 2nd one I don’t agree with, who cares his selling it, that’s better for the company to sell more cars, isn’t it? Plus a lot of people don’t like to be on a wait list such as me, I really want the Model 3 but I’m not putting money down then wait 3 years to get my car. IF i pay i want it right away, thanks.

  • Elon Musk is following Manoj Bhargava’s Prime Directive: “no aggravation.” If you are unfamiliar with him, he is the Founder of 5-Hour ENERGY who has made $4 billion dollars who has now set forth a path to give away 99% of it.

    • Philip W

      Since you mention him, this is an awesome short film about him:

      • Thanks, Philip. I agree that it’s great. Some of the video from the lecture I posted is in the documentary you posted. Both are excellent.

  • Did they actually ban him from owning the product and not just cancel his reservation? Denying the privilege of having a reservation place is one thing, but banning product ownership is something else. He’s a dick, sure, but he hasn’t expressed any intention to act as a reseller, and his statements have been opinion and not libel.

  • Hank1946

    Blacklisting, I will never have that problem for one reason no Money. Seems like to me they both have a problem they both don’t know how to deal with their BIG EGOs! If it was only about being 1 1/2 hours off schedule Stewart Alsop is too self indulgent and has too much self importance. First, did he know why it started late maybe a man like Elon with the problems he faces each day had thing’s come up or maybe not? Elon blacklisting people seems like the wrong approach to handling personal attacks with his business interests. Now other than for reselling for a profit which is a different story but just for personal reasons what will the next Blacklisting be?

  • Jenny Sommer

    Kindergarten. But it gets them all loads of press.

  • nullbull

    ‘I heard from our phone conversation that you feel that my post, “Dear @ElonMusk: You should be ashamed of yourself”, was a personal attack on you.’

    I heard that you somehow interpreted the use of your full name followed by the phrase “you should be ashamed of yourself” as a personal attack for some weird reason. I am so confused.

    • I was wondering if anyone else noticed the total disconnect of this guy titling a blog post “Dear @ElonMusk: You should be ashamed of yourself” and then claiming it wasn’t a personal attack. Super weird.


    I remember when Alsop wrote his first article thinking there is one thing that sucks about being Elon Musk – having pompous asses like this as customers when you try to enter a new market from the high end.

    Cancelling the guy’s order does seem ridiculous, but most of the world’s population would love it if the worst thing that happened to them in recent memory was having to wait an extra hour and a half for the unveiling of the super luxury car they could afford to buy sight unseen. I suspect it took longer to write his whiny blog posted than Elon made him wait, so his time can’t be that precious, it’s the lack of overall perspective on life this guy demonstrates that makes me have no sympathy for him.

  • Carl Raymond S

    Was the customer rude, or whining? I think the high ground for Musk here slopes down from former to latter.
    My understanding is that the attendees were guests for the event, and were served free drinks. It’s not much of a party if they arrive, see the car and go. If the bulk of the guests had fun, and this guy felt his time was too valuable for such frivolity and took it out on his host, I’d call that rude.

  • wattleberry

    A likely explanation is that Musk is on a short fuse due to overwork. I’ve been surprised so far at not seeing any reference to the customer always being right.

  • Ivor O’Connor

    I like it. We need more emotion in today’s world.

    • Knetter

      At least he’s not starting an armed insurrection, right? Hell I’d wager Musk has more followers than the Bundys.

      • Ivor O’Connor


        I’d like to see tennis and other games get more emotional. I miss the days where tennis players would argue heatedly with refs and then serve the balls at them. It made the game much more fun.

        Musk denying service is so much better than the typical boring silent treatment that is *ickless. Putting emotion into things makes it much more enjoyable and increases business.

        Musk is a smart man.

      • Otis11

        “than the Bundys” – You think that’s even close???

  • Karl the brewer


  • GCO

    Bad precedent to set. This sends the message “If you criticize us/me, we/I will retaliate”.


    • Philip W

      What that guy has done is not criticizing, it’s insulting Elon publicly.
      If you’re gonna be a spoiled brat and complain then at least do it without personal attacks.

      • Carol

        You’re spot on. I think there’s a place for constructive criticism but what this guy was doing was certainly not that.

    • Carol

      As you can probably tell from my posts, I’m not sure this was the right move by Tesla either. However, I’m also not sure if it WASN’T the right move. The reason for that is that I don’t have enough details to know for sure. It’s a fine line…but what I do know for sure is that there are better ways to “criticize” than screaming out from a public blog. Tesla at times seems overly sensitive to negative press but there’s a reason for it…the company is so young and radical in terms of its business model that it is highly vulnerable to public opinion. So cutting them a little slack for being defensive is warranted.

      • neroden

        Tesla has been absolutely terrible about private communications. Private complaints to the company about anything other than *actual warranty issues with the car* (they’re pretty good about those) is typically simply ignored without reply. If Tesla is reading them, they aren’t making it clear that they’re reading them.

        This is understandable, but the result is that Tesla really can’t complain about people yelling on a public blog. It’s their only option.

        • Carol

          Interesting. Sounds like a better customer service department is needed. Tesla has a lot on its plate all the time but they still need to take time to communicate better–it would obviously serve them better to be more proactive than reactive.

  • Knetter

    My take on Stewie Alsop

  • vensonata

    Just today I was reflecting on the incredible amount of work that Elon Musk must have to do to stay on top of his numerous projects. And suddenly I realized he does it without compensation. He really hasn’t need to work since his late twenties. It is possible that in some forms of mental illness that one can “never have enough money” but it is unlikely in Musk’s case. He is driven by challenge and the joy of creativity and even the need to “save the world” but at this point it ain’t about money. So he can and should remind people who are buying things from his companies that he really doesn’t need any guff. There are plenty of appreciative people who will enjoy and pay for the fruits of Musk’s intelligence and drive.

  • Necro Nomaken

    I’m not willing to condemn musk yet for this. If he makes a habit of blacklisting people who attack him, or he slips into blacklisting people who just criticize him a little bit, or unevenly blacklists people, then i’ll start calling abuse of power – however free he is to do that technically, if he does it too much, it’ll make him qualify as an asshole – but with only this on his belt, i’m considering it a hilarious stab at a hack writer.

  • Maloo

    i have heard of Ferrari and even Rolls Royce refusing sales, but telsa is not really in the same league as the big guys.
    musk turns up inconsiderately late, no apology and gets in a huff when called out.
    musk is nothing more than a pratt who doesnt even like cars.

    • Bob_Wallace

      You’re right. Not in the same league. Ferrari sells about 7,000 cars per year. Rolls sells about 4,000.

      Tesla at 50,000 a year. Different league.

      (Doesn’t love cars? Man, are you a fount of misinformation.)

      • Maloo

        thanks, i know im right and you know sales figures are not what im talking about. have a great day.

        • Brett

          Lol best response ever, “I know I’m right”, says everyone who lacks the facts to back themselves up.

          • Harry Johnson

            Don’t worry. Nap time is in a few minutes.

        • Bob_Wallace

          ​You obviously are knowledge-lite. ​

          Do you know the first thing Musk bought when he got his first big check?

          • Otis11

            Mmm… I think it was a private jet. If you’re refering the the Mclaren, that was second… (Or did I miss one?!?)


          • Bob_Wallace

            I’m in a country that blocks a lot of web pages but from the bits of info I can read from the Google search the Telegraph seems to say that the Mclaren was first. But that does not matter. Let’s go back a few comments….

            “musk is nothing more than a pratt who doesnt even like cars”

            Google quotes Quora –

            “He has also owned a 2007 Porsche 911 Turbo, a Hamann BMW, an Audi Q7, a 1967 Series 1 E-type Jaguar, and a McLaren F1.”

            Add to that the James Bond Lotus Esprit submarine.

            That says doesn’t even like cars to me (snicker, snicker)….

          • Otis11

            (I know, I was just joking with ya a little as I thought the car comment was silly too… Sorry if I wasn’t obvious enough.)

    • Brett

      Ferrari is a ‘big guy’? In 2012 they sold a total of 8,000 units.

      Rolls Royce delivered a whooping 4,000 in 2014.

      Both those companies have been in business for over 70 years (Rolls Royce is more like 110 years).

      Telsa is just over 10 years old and delivered 50,000 cars in 2015. So remind me why Ferrari and Rolls Royce are the ‘big guys’? More like the old guys. Also, a complete apple and orange comparison.

  • Jamset

    Tesla has also banned a person for buying and selling too many Tesla cars?

    Seems like Tesla is anti-trade.

    There is a guy on YouTube who destroys iPhones in creative ways for a living.

    Apple never stop him from entering their store and buying more iPhones to destroy.

    Tesla are also against paid-charging.

    So Tesla are certainly illogical.

    • Bob_Wallace

      Tesla frowns on scalping? I can see taking a stance against scalpers….

    • jeffhre

      “There is a guy on YouTube who destroys iPhones in creative ways for a living.

      Apple never stop him from entering their store and buying more iPhones to destroy.”

      People have taken Tesla cars and batteries apart – without being banned. “So Tesla are certainly illogical.” Huh?

      • Jamset

        If batteries were taken apart, did someone test them for cycle life?

        If you read my whole statement or the whole article, it says Tesla has banned a guy from buying and selling Tesla cars.

        And Tesla have “free” charging.

        Those 2 things are anti-trade and anti-market.

        • eveee

          Huh? Anti trade/market? Where is the trend? He doesn’t have dealerships, either, but that doesn’t mean he is anti market. It means he is anti dealership. You are stretching a point and I think it just snapped.
          All I can see is that he doesn’t like obnoxious jerks. He’s in good company.

          • Jamset

            Musk is willing to use dealerships in the future.

            It snapped?

            Yes, Tesla banning a Norwegian from buying and selling Tesla cars = anti-trade.

          • eveee

            Um, no. Its not anti trade if you prohibit unlicensed resellers that are trying to hawk your product like ticket scalpers. Ticket scalpers are illegal, too. Its that anti-trade? Just because there are restrictions doesn’t mean he’s anti-trade. Does his giving away the Telsa patents mean he’s anti trade? Does his suggestion that VW make EVs in direct competition with Telsa mean he’s anti trade? You need to look at the big picture before you make a broad, blanket generalized label. Thats where the rubber band snapped. If there were a trend, that would be different. Now dealership associations demanding that Tesla go through them or be banned in their states? That is anti free trade. So much so that the FTC commented on it.

          • Jamset

            Are ticket resellers banned in every state?

            Ebay has no problem with reselling tickets.

            Are dealerships mandatory in every state? No.

            I think Tesla do not allow vehicle to grid (or home) electricity supply.

            The article is about Tesla cancelling an order because Musk did not like what the buyer said.

            Not banning him from buying in the future but actually cancelling an order.

            “No soup for you”.

          • eveee

            Just to get this straight, you are going for Tesla is anti trade because it banned one driver from reselling cars, and cancelled an order from a rude customer, that about it?

          • Jamset

            “you are going for Tesla is anti trade”?

            If I go to Hong Kong and start trading Tesla cars, I can expect to be banned like the Norwegian guy.

            It is not just 1 Norwegian guy.

            Thanks for missing that fact.

            Marion Meads has a hatred of Musk. Will they ban her?

            I invite you to read the other comments under this article by people who fear getting their order cancelled because they gave an honest review on TripAdvisor or whatever.

          • eveee

            I will take that answer as a yes, you do think Telsa is anti trade based on two events.. and I will even stipulate that you added based on talk on the internet and some fears, if you like.

            There is distinction between what has transpired, and fears about what might transpire along with talk. Just sticking to facts. Has anybody else been banned?

            Lets leave Marion out of it. She hasn’t been banned from here, anyway. We kinda like her. At least I do. She just has to be reminded occasionally that there is life outside of a small region in California once in a while.

          • Jamset

            Musk could ban more people if he does not like their blog post or newspaper article.

            And then there is the issue of mistaken identity, so Musk decides to ban someone and then people with the same name as a rude blogger are banned too.

            In China a guy publicly smashed a Lamborghini with a sledgehammer. Will Lamborghini ban him?

          • eveee

            I see where you are coming from. Symbolic effects matter. But lets not let it overcome us. People have bad days. Lets make them better. Peace.

          • eveee

            Are states that ban ticket scalpers anti-trade?

          • Jamset

            Yes they are.

            And there is no federal law against trading tickets AFAIK.

            There are federal laws to allow people to make backup copies of software that they purchased.

            Of course the software makers prefer if people keep buying software from them and not make backup copies.

        • jeffhre

          Hi Jamset.

          Just out of curiosity,

          1)If batteries were taken apart, did someone test them for cycle life?

          2)And Tesla have “free” charging.

          Are, “2 things (that) are anti-trade and anti-market,”?

  • Andre Needham

    Can’t believe no one’s said “no soup for you!” yet.

  • ManyMotors

    I can’t make up my mind on Elon though the more I see, he might be a simple jerk. Let’s see how he reacts when those Model X rear doors become a disaster.

    • neroden

      I think the rear doors will be fine.

      But Tesla Motors made some serious errors (and I really do wish the company the best — I hold a *large* block of stock). Every last one of the errors has been in communications. This is another such error.

  • sleepd

    Musk can do whatever he wants. Buyers are free to avoid these douche canoes, and the douches who drive them, as fast as they can produce them. Free market baby!

    • What the _

      “Douche canoes?” Feeling a bit overzealous in creativity today? 🙂

      • Bob_Wallace

        Probably a gasmobile driver who thought he had a fast ride until he found out about the Tesla sub 3 second 0 to 60.

  • BitterReality4U

    Why sell one of your cars to a sure fire known petty whining complainer?
    Only an idiot would do that…. and Musk is no idiot, unlike the blogger.

  • Without the full story and being privy to all exchanges between Elon and Stewart, it is difficult to say how wise this decision is. My initial reaction was to say Elon should have ignored him, fulfilled the order and focused on the million more important things on his plate, but again we don’t know everything that transpired between them.

    • Carol

      Right…if it’s just an internet criticism then I think the cancellation is unjustified, but if the guy is making harassing phone calls, that’s another story altogether.

    • Joe Viocoe

      If Tesla had just ignored Broder, the company may have already gone under.
      Bad press, for a young company, can be a killer.
      Elon has every right to protect his brand image against people set out to soil it.

      • Carol

        Yeah, but how does he protect that image by canceling the guy’s order? It only seems to publicize him more.

        • neroden


  • Sean Caughlan

    Best way to give this guy’s bitching legitimacy is to cancel his order. He should have been ignored and allowed to buy the car. This is a petty move from Tesla.

    • Sounded like he talked with Elon and that’s what put things over the edge. But maybe I read it wrongly.

      • Carol

        If the guy is calling up Tesla and being harassing to Musk or anyone else at Tesla that changes things. There’s no reason to take personal abuse. My comment above is related simply to allowing someone free speech on the internet which is easily ignored, I think.

        • BusinessPractice

          Musk never denied him the opportunity to exercise free speech…anyone can speak, however, sometimes speech comes with consequences. Just because you have a right to say something, doesn’t diminish the right of someone else to take offense. You don’t yell “FIRE” in a crowded venue, and you don’t talk $hit to someone that you’d like to do business with.

          • Carol

            Fair enough…but what if the guy’s complaints are justified–even partially so? Are all buyers of Tesla expected to “drink the Kool-Aid” just so they don’t tick off Musk? I would think most companies would appreciate feedback on how to make things better. Did the event start an hour and a half late? Complaint on that would be justified. And if I was commenting on a Tesla forum, knowing that Tesla was listening, I’d feel I couldn’t say anything negative for fear of having my order canceled. Having said that, I expect this guy’s comments weren’t the only things that got his order canceled, but since we don’t know we can only speculate.

          • Knetter

            Have the baby boomers gone crazy? His complaints aren’t justified, he’s bitching about an event starting late. (Should have worn depends) He complains about there being too many people. Go home to your house in the hills and be alone. About the fact that he’s hungry, so eat a snack. Hell eat at some establishment before the event. He literally sounds like an entitled brat. Almost like he could be a venture capitalist. Then Musk personally calls him, and after that his order is nixed. Says it all to me, entitlement it’s a disease.

          • Carol

            So, Elon Musk called him?

          • Knetter

            From the article above and the horses mouth…

            “Dear @ElonMusk: Thank you for reaching out to me. I heard from our phone conversation that you feel that my post, “Dear @ElonMusk: You should be ashamed of yourself”, was a personal attack on you. ”

            So Musk called him, told the man he felt the blog was a personal attack on him and then didn’t like what he heard. Seems pretty reasonable to me, presumably how an adult would act. Not posting a blog entry sounding like Veruca Salt.

          • Carol

            LOL. Yeah, that throws a different light on it. If you’re really sincere about making CONSTRUCTIVE criticism you don’t post open letters before the company has a chance to reach out to you.

          • Knetter

            That blog entry doesn’t count as constructive criticism, it’s literally just bitching to bitch. Had the event started on time, had they served foie gras, had it been just he and Elon there to stoke his ego. He would have found something to complain about. Read the blog, the comments are hilarious. He’s probably trying to draw traffic to his site.

          • Carol

            I’d read the blog…but then he’d have succeeded, right? 🙂 I’m inclined to agree that he’s looking to get attention.

          • Otis11

            To be fair, though, if a company can’t take honest, genuine criticism without canceling my order, that’s a company I don’t want to buy from. It’s not going to make me hold my tongue.

            On the flip side, many, many businesses already put up with too much crap from people who feel entitled (both with and without money).

            I don’t know which case it is… I have my suspicions, but those are mine. In either case, I fully support their right to refuse service.

            (For reference, I regularly review restaurants and hotels with my real name, and leave feedback on customer service. I’m also not hesitant to write company management either – on either side. In my experience, honest feedback – even when heavily negative – is truly appreciated, and honest praise is never disliked. Whining or false flattery won’t get you very far, however.)

      • Sean Caughlan

        It would be interesting to know if this was actually the case.

      • Jenny Sommer

        Normal (or not so nirmal) people just get into heated discussions or name name calling (or worse in case of YouTube) over the internet ….Musk can cancel your Model X order :))))


        He can always have someone else order that Red/black Model X for him….Musk should check all those orders carefully :)))

        • Knetter

          One word: Servicing.

          • Jenny Sommer

            Register it on somebody else 😉

          • Jamset

            Would Musk selectively deny over the air updates to an owner who Musk does not like any more and indirectly cause a car crash?

          • Bob_Wallace

            It’s Sunday night, bub. Best to lay off the sauce at least one night a week.

        • eveee

          Can you imagine the embarrassment of having to ask someone else to do all that for you, or showing up at the dealership asking humbly for service in case they decide to throw you out. Humble pie. He deserves it.
          What the heck is wrong with being nice to people. Give as good as you get. Kharma.

          • Jenny Sommer

            Why would you be embarrassed to pay somebody to do it for you?
            Maybe he’d even get a kick out if doing it that way and driving around in a borrowed Model X that everybody knows he was banned from buying.

          • eveee

            Good point. Stumped me. There is no accounting for tastes. Or behavior.

    • BitterReality4U

      So you would knowingly sell something you made to a whining loser…… hmm that would make two losers.

      • Sean Caughlan

        Yes I would sell the car to a whiner. Take their money and move on. It’s part of growing up as a company (a public company). Don’t stoop to this guys level.

        • Otis11

          You realize that some ‘customers’ cost you more than you will ever make from them, right?

          If you can identify and avoid them early, that much better for you…

          • MrL0g1c

            So what, you blacklist them from all showrooms? Ban all ‘bad’ customers based on bad reviews? Refund bad customers, tell them they’re no longer welcome?

          • Otis11

            Sadly, no, companies put i with them for car too long. And the company had to judge for themselves how much effort it’s worth to avoid the “customer”, but that can be taken too far too.

            It’s all about balance. Do what you can to avoid bad actors but don’t let it get in the way of your mission.

          • Jamset

            “put i with them for car too long” 🙂

          • Otis11

            Man… I need to stop working on my phone. Autocorrect is crazy.

          • jeffhre

            And they are very unlikely to simply allow the seller to just move on.

    • Dragon

      I don’t think we can call it petty or justified without knowing more. If it was just a case of “Elon got his feelings hurt so don’t sell to this guy” then that’s petty. On the other hand, if their unpublished conversations/interactions with him made it clear he was going to become a problem customer who constantly complained about petty things, demanded things be fixed that weren’t really broken, and generally wasted a lot of time of a lot of employees, then they’re perfectly justified in banning him.

  • Zorba

    Elon tweeted about this earlier: “Must be a slow news day if denying service to a super rude customer gets this much attention”

    • Ha, didn’t see that.

      Simply an interesting story, I think.

      • Zorba

        Agreed. As others have said it says a bit about him (and about having a waiting list I guess).

    • Jamset

      Musk mocks other car brands. Maybe they consider that super rude?

  • eveee

    Whiners need not apply. LOL. Notice how he is all contrite now.

  • Carol

    As a public company, Tesla needs to be careful about banning anyone from buying their product. I think Mr. Musk may be taking this a little too personally. So maybe the guy was over the top in his criticisms, but still…canceling the order is going too far, IMHO. He can always buy one used from a private sale later on and potentially wreak more havoc that way.

    • eveee

      People can do whatever they want. In this culture, for some stoopid reason, some people think having money and spending it, gives them the right to behave anti socially. It doesn’t. Even a restaurant has signs that say, we reserve the right ….
      Frankly, this guy is trouble. Musk is wisely avoiding disagreeable people.

      • Carol

        Really good article–but if Tesla starts denying service to all those types of people mentioned they will go out of business. Just my 2 cents.

        • BitterReality4U

          BULL…. He tells one whining loser to go away and you pipe in with 2cents….. keep it.

          • Carol

            Really? Defensive much?

        • Bob_Wallace

          You wasted those two pennies….

          • Carol

            I can see that already.

        • eveee

          So your giving your vote to society being a bunch of whiny losers with entitlement granted by money.

          • Carol

            Have you checked the prices of the Model X lately?

          • eveee

            Are you trying to prove that if you have money that is all that is necessary to entitle you to be rude and obnoxious? Done.

          • Carol

            You are quick to make judgments. I’m just wondering if some poor guy who scraped together his savings to buy a Model 3 would earn the same kind of “entitlement” charges you’ve levied here. Being rude is not limited to people with money as comments on this or any forum for that matter will easily prove.

          • eveee

            Yes. I can decide very quickly if rude behavior is acceptable. It isn’t. I can read what he said, and its rude. Are you defending rude behavior? I am not opposed to giving rude people a second chance. Just make up your mind if rude behavior is acceptable first. OK? Then we can go on to what to do about it.
            I don’t know what it is about people that expect to be rude and get away with anything. The way our culture works, everything you say or do at work is under a microscope and you can be fired anytime for it. The reverse is true when someone whips out cash. Its obscene.
            Money doesn’t talk it swears. And yes. I can make up my mind real fast about that principle, too.

          • Carol

            Being rude is being rude…or as someone more poetic might say it, “A stinkbug by another other name would smell as yucky.” My question to you was whether being rude with a lot of money was the same as being rude without it as you seemed to be saying that it was the fact that the guy had a lot of money that caused his rude behavior.

          • eveee

            Maybe you don’t get my drift. Rude is rude and always wrong. I was just noting that in the US particularly, people seem to think that money entitles them to be rude and obnoxious. Not causation. Just habit or training. Bad manners reflect badly on the source. For some reason, people with bad manners never think that they are planting a sign on themselves saying, I have no class or self respect.

          • Carol


          • Otis11

            … I gotta say, he kinda has a good portion of the US pegged…

        • jeffhre

          IMO Tesla will do better by choosing their customers well. There is a fine art to firing customers who would ultimately cost you more than they will ever provide for you.

          A company is ultimately responsible for surviving on the margins it generates, and having the discipline to back away from customers who willfully work to lower the companies margins should be part of a disciplined approach to business.

          Not that anyone involved here is a jerk, I don’t know the circumstances. However, courtesy, ethics and staying away from jerks makes a business stronger, IMO.

          • Carol

            Very nicely articulated. It takes a bit of guts to do what Musk did…and it also takes a bit of guts to “turn the other cheek.” A lot of what we’re doing is speculating because we don’t have all the details, nor are we likely to get them.

          • jeffhre

            He said she said, followed by pure speculation, with guessing of the motivations and intentions to top it off!

    • BitterReality4U

      Musk made the right decision, why sell your car to a known whiner?

      • MrL0g1c

        If it were Ford who canceled someone’s order, would you be saying the same thing? I doubt it.

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