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Published on January 29th, 2016 | by Saurabh Mahapatra


Singapore’s Sembcorp To Develop 1 GW Wind Energy Project In India

January 29th, 2016 by  

Foreign interest in India’s budding renewable energy market continues to increase with new companies looking to set up large-scale projects in the country.

Recently, the government of the state of Madhya Pradesh recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Singapore-based Sembcorp Green Infra for the development of 1 GW wind energy capacity.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has signed the agreement with the company on behalf of the state government. While the details of the agreement or the timeline of its implementation are not known, the size of the capacity addition is expected to be huge.

Madhya Pradesh is among the leading states in terms of installed wind energy capacity in India and is expected to see significant growth in its installed capacity over the next few years. According to the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy of the central government, Madhya Pradesh may add 6.2 GW of wind energy capacity as its contribution to the 60 GW installed wind energy capacity target for 2022.

The improved policy and economic environment in India has attracted several international investors to the renewable energy market. The likes of Goldman Sachs, GE Energy Financial Services, Global Environment Fund, and Abu Dhabi Investment Authority have invested in Indian renewable energy companies over the last few months.

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  • Martin

    Some more info would be nice as well such as:
    Estimated time line for the building.
    Estimated cost for the contract.
    Even if those estimates are just guesses.
    And then down the road how close those estimates/guesses were.

  • BlackTalon53 .

    Half of the content of cleantechnica seem so to consist of listing new contracts and projects for wind and solar energy lately … green, yes, maybe, but not why I read this blog …

    • GlennM

      Well…it is one of the reasons I read this Blog..
      I think it is important, Talk is cheap…actually building RE is what really matters.

    • Richard Foster

      This site is for CleanTech news – I’d say that new contracts and new projects are very much CleanTech news.

      They’re also extremely important. In order to bring CO2 levels down as fast as possible, we need to be seeing rapid deployment on the ground. Which we are seeing. And faster than I expected. The question is, whether or not it’s fast enough to avoid the worst effects of Global Warming has yet to be seen.

      Aviation is a problem in this regard….

      Thus we need all the good news about new contracts and projects we can get.

    • Sreehari Variar

      What would you rather read as Clean Tech news? I think you should mention that too to make the criticism constructive.

    • nitpicker357

      Yeah, it’s refreshingly boring. Of course there’s another GW of wind, and another 750 MW of solar being constructed in India. I have the same problem; I kind of wish cleantechnica had filter thresholds so you could tell it “Don’t bother me with wind under 100 MW in the U.S., or under 200 MW elsewhere, except that I want to know about any offshore wind in the U.S. For solar, raise those thresholds by 25%, but tell me about any offshore solar or CSP solar. Oh, and give me all the monthly summaries.”

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