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Smart Grid, Battery Storage, & Efficiency Raise $1.7 Billion In Funding In 2015

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Smart grid, battery and storage, and energy efficiency companies raised $1.7 billion in VC funding in 2015, according to Mercom Capital Group.

Clean energy communications and consulting firm Mercom Capital Group published its report on funding and merger & acquisitions activity in the smart grid, battery/storage, and energy efficiency sectors for 2015, revealing that across each of the sectors, a total of $1.7 billion was raised.

In the smart grid sector, venture capital (VC) funding increased to $425 million over 57 deals in 2015, compared to $384 million over 74 deals in 2014. Total corporate funding, including debt and public market financing, reached $527 million, down from $844 million in 2014.


The top venture capital funded company in 2015 was SIGFOX, raising $115 million.


Two debt and public market financing deals were announced in 2015, totaling $102 million, and only one IPO, raising $98 million by

Only 20 smart grid merger & acquisition (M&A) transactions took place in 2015, 10 of which were disclosed, reaching $5.3 billion, with Honeywell’s $5.1 billion acquisition of the Elster Division of Melrose Industries far and away the largest.

The battery/storage sector brought in a total of $397 million over 37 deals in 2015, compared to $431 million over 34 deals in 2014. Total corporate funding reached $676 million, compared to $921 million in 2014. Flow battery companies received the largest amount of funding, with $120 million, followed by energy storage system companies with $96 million.

The top VC funded company in 2015 was VionX Energy, raising $58.1 million.


Debt and public market financing for the sector fell to $279 million in 2015, down from $490 million in 2014. There was only one IPO in 2015, Electro Power Systems, who raised $15.6 million.

A total of 11 M&A transactions took place in the sector, four of which were disclosed, totaling $2.4 billion, compared to 18 M&A transactions in 2014, six disclosed, totaling $232 million.

The efficiency sector saw VC funding increase to $852 million over 67 deals, compared to $797 million over 80 deals in 2014. Total corporate funding reached over $2 billion, compared to only $1.2 billion in 2014. The top VC funded company was View (formerly Soladigm), which raised $150 million.


Lighting technology companies brought in the most funding with $187 million over 23 deals. The whole sector raised nearly $1.2 billion in debt and public financing, and there were five securitization deals, reaching $801 million. Two IPOs brought in a combined $168 million, and there was an almost two-fold increase in M&A activity for the sector, with 45 transactions and 22 disclosed, compared to only 26 and 10 in 2014. The largest disclosed transaction was the mammoth $2.8 billion acquisition of an 80.1% interest in Lumileds by GO Scale Capital Investment Consortium.

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    A little more context would help here. Is this in the US, or globally? I can’t easily tell, and that would make a big difference in assessing what these numbers might mean. Similarly on the time scale. What were these numbers like in the past? For example, were the numbers much larger just before the crash in 2008/9?

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