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Published on January 18th, 2016 | by Kyle Field


Mobileye Wants Driver Info to Build Better Maps

January 18th, 2016 by  

The suite of active safety solutions that comprise a yet-to-be-built fully autonomous driving solution is evolving rapidly, with many companies building pieces of the solution for auto manufacturers around the world. Mobileye NV is a big player in the active safety space and is in the news at CleanTechnica often as a key supplier to Tesla Motors, the current leader in the space when it comes to solutions consumers can purchase and drive today.


Not one to rest on its laurels, Mobileye continues to build new and improved solutions, and the latest of those involves tapping into driver data from auto manufacturers in order to build more detailed maps. Current navigation maps include detail on the roads, names, number of lanes, direction of travel, center medians, and speed limits — and even with this volume of data, more detail is needed. The key components being sought out are related to the specific flow of traffic within traffic lanes, identifying key landmarks along routes, and information from street signs.

To accomplish this, Mobileye has partnered with Tesla, General Motors, and VW, with another partner expected to be announced shortly. From the announcement of the partnership between VW and Mobileye at 2016 CES, Mobileye cofounder and chairman Professor Amnon Shashua shares:

“The camera has the highest density of sampling compared to any other camera.”

He continues in the press release announcing the partnership with GM, Mobileye’s largest customer:

“Cameras are the most natural sensors for creating maps because they are already available in most new car models as part of the trend toward growing driver assistance deployment.”

The eventual goal of the new partnerships is to increase the accuracy of maps from the current 10-meter accuracy down to an astonishing 10 centimeters. Once Mobileye begins pulling the data, it will encourage manufacturers to cross-license the detailed maps to allow for better maps for everyone, Shashua shared with Reuters at CES.

In the newly released Mobileye video below, Professor Shashua talks through the company’s vision for an autonomous future. He conveniently provides this information from the driver’s seat of an Audi, speeding down the road… without a glance at where the car is going.

Images and video by Mobileye 
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