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~268 MW Of Solar Installed In Algeria In 2015

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Originally published on Sustainnovate.
By Henry Lindon

Algeria Installed ~268 MW Of New Solar PV Capacity In 2015

The North African country of Algeria installed around 268 megawatts (MW) of new solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity in 2015, going by new figures from the country’s renewable energy research institute (CDER).

Much of the growth — which occurred mostly in the southern and highlands regions — was the result of efforts from a subsidiary of state-owned utility Societe Nationale de l’Electricite et du Gaz (Sonelgaz) by the name of SKTM.

The impressive installation figures for 2015 follow the Algerian government’s announcement last February of a reorganized development program for renewable energy. The country’s 2030 national target for renewables now rest at 22 gigawatts (GW) of capacity. Plans also call for a 9% reduction in energy usage via energy efficiency measures by 2030.

The country’s informal 2030 goal for solar PV is 13.5 GW, going by statements made last year by the country’s energy minister, Youcef Yousfi.

There are a number of solar PV projects now under construction in the country that are the result of contracts awarded roughly two years ago (to various development consortiums). Rumors are also going around that the country will be making big announcements concerning solar energy later this year.

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  • JamesWimberley

    268 MW is quite impressive. Algeria has joined the club if MENA countries that are getting into solar in a serious way. The targets don’t mean much; as experience grows and costs fall, ambitions will rise. Solar PV is proving a very easy technology to disseminate, like mobile phones and sewing machines.

  • Steven F

    For stores like this I would like to see were they are in energy sources. From my search Algeria gets 92% of their energy from natural gas and 6.5% from oil with 1% comming from hydro. With the dry dessert in southern Algeria solar thermal with storage should do well.

    • Oscar Martín

      Normally a solar thermal plant needs significant quantities of water. But if it is built near the coast, it could generate desalinated water in combination with electricity.

      • Steven F

        Crescent dunes Nevada is not near water. It is air cooled. Not water cooled. Ivanpah in California is also air cooled.

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