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Published on January 12th, 2016 | by Saurabh Mahapatra


Denmark Plans Wind Energy Investment In Iran

January 12th, 2016 by  

Another European country has expressed intentions to support the development of the renewable energy sector in Iran.

The Iranian Energy Minister recently reported that Denmark has expressed an interest in developing a wind turbine manufacturing facility in the Middle Eastern country. Minister Hamid Chitchian told media agencies that Denmark is looking to build a manufacturing hub in Iran from where it can export the wind energy equipment to other countries in the region.

Chitchian had earlier revealed that Iran is looking to develop 5 GW of solar and wind energy capacity by 2018. Following fruitful multilateral negotiations regarding Iran’s nuclear energy program, several countries, mainly from Europe, offered their assistance in developing renewable energy infrastructure throughout Iran.

Last year, the Iranian news agency, Mehr, reported that a German company is planning to set up 1.25 GW of solar power capacity in various provinces of the country.

A consortium of Iranian, Indian, and South Korean companies also announced plans to develop an energy park in the Khuzestan province in a $10 billion project consisting of 1 GW of solar power capacity. Also, German companies are expected to begin building wind farms in Iran from next year. Azerbaijan and Spain have also expressed interest in setting up renewable energy projects in Iran.

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  • Mallu

    “Last year, the Iranian news agency, Mehr, reported that
    a German company is planning to set up 1.25 GW of solar power capacity
    in various provinces of the country.” Well lets hope this time things go better. Last when Germany and Iran did an energy project was the Bushehr NPP. That project was 75% complete and germans ran off with the money. The Russians had to complete the project using existing German components and fit them into a Russian reactor, without any technical assintace from Germany.

    • Frank

      Happily, the these kinds of projects don’t take very long to build, the cost of building them is predictable within reasonable margins, and nobody stresses about Iran or anybody else acquiring renewables technology, so I would suggest that the odds of finishing once it starts are much higher.

    • Bob_Wallace

      Well, if Iran goes batshit crazy three quarters of the way through the project like they did with Bushehr the Danes might decide to bug out as well.

      Wouldn’t blame them. At all….

      • Mallu

        Probably true or they will bug out anyway as soon as the first glitch comes along or even if their is a hint that Iran hasnt followed up on their nuclear agreement. Also 10 billion dollars for 1GW of solar, that better be one helluva good solar plant if you are asking that kind of money.

      • Ronald Brakels

        Yes, it’s certainly best not to get involved in other people’s civil wars. But the Iranian revolution was 37 years ago and I haven’t seen any indication that they are planning another one soon. (I’m sure they would have told me if they were.) If you look at the demographics of Iran you will see that the bulk of the population in their 30s and very much in the getting fatter and saving for a car or bigger TV stage of life. Quite a change from back in ’79 when the population consisted mostly of babies, children, and teenagers.

        One potential source of instability is Iran’s high unemployment rate, which seems to stubbonly hang around 10.5%. But it has done that for decades so in the unlikley event that suddenly sparks off another revolution now, the timing would just be bad luck.

  • JamesWimberley

    $10 bn for 1 GW of solar? Something not right with that report. $2 bn would be high.

    • Ali Mzm

      I think this 1 GW is the actual delivered power (ie: 9 TWh per year) and not the maximum capacity of the system. If you imply the capacity factor of 20% for PV , then I guess the $10 bn is in the ballpark.

      • Ronald Brakels

        I would expect 1 gigawatt of PV in Iran to produce at least 4 gigawatt-hours of electricity per day and over 1,400 gigawatt-hours per year. At current prices they certainly can’t be getting just 1 gigawatt of PV for their $10 billion. Maybe there’s a lot of wind capacity included in that figure as well.

    • harisA

      More Iran gets integrated in the world economy, better it is for the rest of the world.

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