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Published on January 7th, 2016 | by Saurabh Mahapatra


Solar Power Capacity In India May Hit 20 GW By March 2017

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India is likely to have an operational solar power capacity of close to 20 GW by March 2017 if projects under the states’ and central solar power policies go ahead as per the schedule.

According to Piyush Goyal, Union Minister of Coal, Power and Renewable Energy, the country’s solar energy capacity is expected increase four-fold during the next fiscal year, ending March 2017.

At present, the country’s solar capacity stands at around 5 GW. The target for the capacity addition during this fiscal year is about 2 GW, whereas for the next fiscal year it is 12 GW. The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE) expects over 4 GW of solar power capacity addition this financial year, which is twice the target. According to the recently issued document by MNRE, the majority of this capacity is expected to be added through central government policies, while states would continue to play catch-up.

Solar energy could rise at a much faster pace compared to other renewable energy technologies. The expected contribution of other renewable energy technologies would be only 3,000 MW during the next fiscal year. Wind energy, currently the largest renewable energy technology, is expected to see a fall in annual capacity addition.

According to the latest figures released by the MNRE, solar power has overtaken biomass-based power generation technology as India’s second largest renewable energy technology, in terms of installed capacity.

Solar power capacity in India is expected to shoot up rapidly over the next few years as the central government and several state governments have lined up large tenders. In a document released in early October, the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy noted that around 4.8 GW of capacity will be up for grabs over the next 6 months.

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  • peadophilemuhammad

    India gonna exceed its 100 GW of solar power by 2022, it will be somewhere around 120 GW by 2022.

  • It will be very good for India if they succeed to complete their projects as per the schedule. India is a huge country with super huge population and most of it is still backward suffering from basic problems. If solar power hits that mark then a lot can be done for the under developed areas and hence growth.

  • Johnny Speid

    What’s the average PV capacity factor in India?

    • neroden

      I don’t know, but it is a very sunny country in the tropics. It’ll be pretty good (not like Alaska or Finland).

    • sukumar

      you will get average of 6-7 KWH per KV panel every day, 350 days a year in 80% of the country

      • Bob_Wallace

        With tracking?

        • Anand

          Without Tracking….. With Tracking add 20-25% more…

  • jburt56

    How much is installed now?

  • Frank

    The more they install, the cheaper it gets, and the harder it will be to build a coal plant. Love it!

  • JamesWimberley

    So much for the “Hindu rate of growth”. This is a dramatic ramp-up in a very large country. Are the global forecasters being too cautious yet again? They were overplaying the potential downside of the non-extension of the American ITC in 2017, a worry now removed. Brazil has doubled its solar target. The slump in the UK is trivial. It all looks set for a boom 2016.

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