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Tesla Stars In “Racing Extinction” Documentary

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Some people are just inspirational and we have a habit of featuring one such fellow here on CleanTechnica quite a bit — Elon Musk. We caught him over on TheWrap after a prescreening of Racing Extinction and, like usual, he busted out with a few quote-worthy impact statements. Before I jump into exactly what he shared, I want to share a bit about Racing Extinction for those who haven’t heard about it yet.

Racing Extinction is a film by Louie Psihoyos (you may know him from The Cove) who pulled together a team to shed light on the hidden worlds and subcultures that are ultimately undercutting life on earth. It specifically calls attention to key issues that are impacting the earth and the animals on it, then flags specific actions viewers can take to make an impact. The trailer below calls out a few highlights via a series of power events staged around the world where they screened pieces of the messages from the film in macro scale for audiences, using a custom Tesla Model S fitted with special projector equipment.

The film combines impactful graphics, epic music and powerful, bite-sized messages like “livestock produces more greenhouse gases than the entire transportation sector” that communicate powerful, convicting truths to a broad audience. All of this is supported by a highly engaging website that plays on the same themes with a fresh feel and TONS of information. On top of that, the film features Tesla and Elon Musk.

Getting back to that guy… here are a few of the nuggets Elon dropped after the prescreening that hit home for me:

“Everyone who doesn’t have a vested interest or isn’t crazy thinks [climate change] is a real serious issue…

“The problem right now is that the rules of the game fundamentally favor bad behavior. There is a cost to the carbon capacity of the oceans and atmosphere that is not being paid. So, effectively, everything that creates CO2 gets this subsidy that people don’t appreciate… relatively speaking, things that are sustainable are effectively penalized.”

Check out the highlights of the interview from TheWrap here.

For more information on Racing Extinction, check out the website, view the trailer below, and watch it on the Discovery Channel December 2nd (today!) at 9:00 pm ET. It is not often that we ask you to share something… but it would be great if you shared this event to get your friends and family to watch… if you are so inclined:


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  • Martin

    What is even more frustrating is knowing what to do, wanting to do the right thing for our planet and being prevented from doing it by people, government. 🙁

    • Martin

      Watched that program tonight, very thoughtful, but also sad in a number of ways.
      We saddest part is, if we do not change soon, we may become extinct ourselves.

      • Calamity_Jean

        “…if we do not change soon, we may become extinct ourselves.”

        Yep. These people [ ] say

        “The start of extinction begins between 2020 and 2026.9 and extinction will be complete in the northern hemisphere by 2057. Extinction will begin around 2024 in the southern hemisphere and will be completed by 2087.”

        • Bob_Wallace

          I wouldn’t take any stock or horse race tips from them. While a lot of humans will die because of climate change it is extremely unlikely humans would go extinct. Certainly not in the next 100 years.

          Look, worst case, we move toward the poles. We live mostly underground during the day in the hottest months. We do some food production during the spring/fall transition time and the rest underground in artificial light.

          Heck, we could build a bunch of Hyperloop tubes and move from pole to pole with the Sun.

          • Calamity_Jean

            We’ll find out, I suppose. I would otherwise expect to live to around 2040. I’m only 64, and both my parents made it into their 90s.

  • Ivor O’Connor

    “Everyone who doesn’t have a vested interest or isn’t crazy thinks [climate change] is a real serious issue…

    So Musk is calling half our nation “Crazy”! Half our nation is Republican and there is not a single Republican Presidential candidate that says climate change is caused by humans. And the Fox News watchers parrot this crazy talk.

    • Kyle Field

      I’m with you. It’s pretty insane how disconnected they are from reality. I can see people not understanding the urgency of it…but to deny that it exists is just nuts to me.

      • Johnny

        Well, actually they’re not quite disconnected from reality. Most of these “crazy” republicans live in the mid west and other rural parts of the country. Everywhere they go, they see green trees and clean water flowing through the creeks. They don’t see miles of traffic jams sputtering out tons of CO2. They don’t see trash filled the rivers with dead fish floating on top. They don’t see factories with columns of black smoke filled the sky. It’s hard for them to think humans responsible for all that destruction.

        • Null66

          But if you farm, or hunt, all you have to do is open your eyes… They had to move the usda plant hardiness, and animal ranges are changing, as is mating times…

    • John

      And just because they don’t say it’s caused by humans that makes them correct? They have no authority or expertise in the field of science, they just take information that they hear and are told and make their decisions based on that. It’s also no coincidence that the majority of the Republicans who are running have received donations from fossil fuel companies, or the Koch brothers, which would very much fall into the category of having a vested interest in discrediting global warming.

      • Kyle Field

        What’s interesting to me is that no matter how I look at climate change – it requires our action. Let’s say it’s a 100% natural phenomenon. Coastal cities will flood, species will go extinct…wouldn’t we still want to do what we can do minimize the acceleration of that? If we admit to causing some of it…again, we would want to limit that impact. If we only admit that we are at war for oil and spending trillions fighting, losing lives over oil…wouldn’t we want to do something about that?

        I just have a hard time logically finding any reason not to act. On top of compelling reasons TO act, EVs are better…more convenient, more fun to drive, less stinky. Solar is less stinky, doesn’t require an ugly power plant on the beach, near the mall, in the woods….makes power locally without transmission losses. Not acting in ways that make financial sense just makes skeptics/deniers wrong and frankly, dumb.

        • Johnny

          The problem is if you don’t believe humans have the power to change the climate, you won’t believe the humans have the ability to fix climate.

          And we definitely don’t admit that we’re at war for oil. We’re at war because they’re good people who want to help.

  • Stunning trailer.

    • Ivor O’Connor

      Imagine looking out your apartment windows and going blind because somebody didn’t realize their super powered laser strong projector would destroy your eyes. Somebody needs to crack down on these artistic people and make sure they do their artsy stuff safely.

      • Johnny

        Are you in NYC and being affected by the projection or are you just trying to find some negative things to say?

        • Ivor O’Connor

          I like how you try to turn around a problem and make it about something else. I bet you support prosecuting whistle blowers too?

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