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Published on November 30th, 2015 | by Sponsored Content


Tesla Raffle To Support Climate Advocacy Program Still Rolling

November 30th, 2015 by  

Jessica Langerman is in Paris at this very moment, ready to exert her influence on the Paris climate change summit that begins November 30. Jessica has been pursuing sensible action on climate change for more than 3 years. She is the founder and principal strategist for Climate XChange*, a non-profit dedicated to convincing Massachusetts legislators to enact a carbon pricing plan.

Fossil fuels currently enjoy two enormous advantages. They get more than $400 billion a year in direct and indirect government subsidies from all the world’s nations, and the cost of the pollution and health consequences they cause is not factored into their price. A carbon pricing plan, similar to what British Columbia and now Alberta have put into effect, levels the playing field between renewable energy sources and fossil fuels. According to classic economic theory, if fossil fuels are priced properly, they will be more expensive than renewable energy. Then, more and more corporations and people will choose to use renewables instead of fossil fuels.

Jessica is in Paris this week because she paid her own way. Her Climate XChange organization is doing important work but is chronically underfunded. To address that issue, her husband Alan has put together one of the smartest fundraisers of all time. He has constructed a raffle that focuses on prizes that have no emissions. The top prize is a brand new Tesla Model S or Model X in the color of your choice and configured exactly the way you want it

Most of us don’t realize that when we win things, the IRS treats our prize like income. We have to pay income tax on its value. Often, the winner has to sell the prize just to satisfy the obligation to the IRS. But Alan has found a way to deal with that. In addition to the car, the winner of the Climate XChange raffle will get another $34,000 to pay the IRS as well as state sales tax and registration fees. There’s even enough for a Tesla High Power Wall Charger and $500 to pay an electrician to hook it up.

It’s the perfect raffle for the perfect cause. Buy your ticket today and help support Jessica and her work for Climate XChange.

*This post is made possible via the generous support of Climate XChange.  
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