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Tesla Doing Recall Safety Checks At Supercharging Locations

November 22nd, 2015 by  

Our favorite Tesla addict (okay, maybe second favorite behind this guy), , has shared a very timely video about how Tesla is doing recall safety checks for its recently announced seatbelt recall at Supercharger stations. It makes tons of sense given the high volume of cars flowing through them, the predictable 30-minute charge times, and the fact that only Teslas should be rolling through to pick up a charge (though, this isn’t always the case) — but it’s still great to see.

What makes this news unique is that Tesla is thinking outside the box to not only better serve customers at a much lower impact, but to also save tons of money by hitting dozens of Tesla customers with a single service tech at a single site. While Tesla’s service is suffering some growing pains, it’s great to see that the company is still committed to finding creative solutions that ultimately improve the ownership experience.

Here’s the quick video of the service being performed:

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  • Foersom

    How many weeks or month does Tesla plans to have their charging stations manned for this seatbelt recall inspection?

    • Bob_Wallace

      I would think they are tracking which cars have been checked and which haven’t. Once they’ve checked most they will likely be in touch with those that have not shown up for a check.

      At a business level they need to show good faith for offering to check all. Nothing less would leave their attorneys and insurance provider unhappy.

      At some point the failure to have your car checked becomes your problem.

  • sjc_1

    Another reason Tesla may need a dealer network.

    • Bob_Wallace

      Good thinking.

      Turn things over to a third party so they can jerk customers around and damage Tesla’s reputation.

      Well pitched….

      • sjc_1

        If you think Tesla will sell 100,000 Model 3 units per year without a network, we will see how all that turns out.

        • Bob_Wallace

          What value does a dealership add over and above Tesla’s showrooms and service centers?

    • no, no, no.

      notice how much more efficient Tesla is checking these than dealers would?

  • Kyle Field

    I haven’t seen your comment…just saw Bjorn’s video in my twitter feed and put this quickie together and threw it in our pending (to publish) queue.

    Glad we’re all excited by the same things though and I do appreciate you sharing great EV focused news in the comments as that helps everyone.

    • Hugo Hvidsten

      OK, Bob and Kyle. Explanation fully accepted.
      Keep up the good work, and I’ll down a couple of cups of coffee and try not to be grumpy over here in Norway on this cold winter morning 🙂

      • I just noticed your comment (forget which article it was on) and was wondering if that was where Kyle spotted it. But yeah, not surprised Kyle got it from Twitter since he scouts out stories there.

        Anyway, the comment seems to be live… somewhere. Not sure why it wasn’t published immediately. Perhaps the video link?

  • Bob_Wallace

    Nothing got deleted. I was off touring the Monasterio de Santa Catalina in Arequipa.

    i really doubt Kyle or anyone else got anything from you as your comment has been languishing in the Pending folder.

    Now back on task….

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