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Published on August 19th, 2015 | by Zachary Shahan


Average Price of Solar in US, Texas Wind Success… (Clean Electricity Link Drop)

August 19th, 2015 by  

Haven’t gotten enough solar, wind, energy storage, climate, and other green news lately? Here’s more good work from around the interwebs:

Solar & Storage

  1. Average Price of Going Solar in US Dropped 50% in 5 Years
  2. Net Metering Review: Value of Solar Energy Higher Than Retail Electric Rates
  3. Financing Is The Key To Residential Solar Power
  4. Indian Railways Plans To Boost Solar Power Use, Energy Efficiency
  5. SunEdison & TerraForm Power Successfully Syndicate $280 Million Warehouse Loan
  6. ConEdison Teams Up With SunPower For New York Solar Leasing Program
  7. SolarCity Expands Into Vermont
  8. Renewable Energy Industry Finds Itself With New Standards Watchdog
  9. Massachusetts Solar Bill Raises Net Metering Caps, Looks to Replace SREC Program
  10. Will Software Eat the Solar Industry?
  11. Installing PV at a Loss
  12. 33 Winners, 103 Losers in Second German PV Auction
  13. China Advised to Double Solar Goal to Fill Nuclear, Hydro
  14. DIY Solar Panel Tips: Build Your Own
  15. Solar Panels Buyers Guide From Solar Brokers Canada
  16. Meet Australia’s Immortus Solar Car
  17. German Solar Storage Market Stagnates
  18. Maxwell Technologies Capacitive Storage Chosen By China Railway


  1. How Texas Wind Farms are Putting Intermittency Concerns to Rest
  2. German Offshore Wind Progress
  3. West Coast Wind Patterns Lead to Below-Normal Wind Generation Capacity Factors


  1. In the Heartland, Clean Power Draws Praise
  2. Sanders Nails GOP for 1.4 Million-Job-Killing Budget Sequester
  3. Why The ‘Most Trusted’ Professionals’ Union In The Nation Endorsed Bernie Sanders
  4. Bernie Sanders Beats Hillary and Trump, Draws Biggest Crowd at Iowa State Fair
  5. Just 17 Billionaires and Businesses have Dumped $62 Million into GOP Candidates So Far this Election


  1. Meat-Eaters Are The Number One Cause Of Worldwide Species Extinction, New Study Warns
  2. Global Cleantech Summit 2015 (In Finland)
  3. World In Frantic Pace To Develop Clean Energy
  4. Atlantic Wind & Solar Surpasses 1 GW Solar + Wind Pipeline
  5. How Renewable Energy Can Save Utilities Money
  6. Opower Lands $50M Utility Deal
  7. James Howard Kunstler: As Fracking Implodes, the Clowns Deny Reality
  8. Clean Energy Could Save Thousands of Indonesian Lives
  9. A Revolutionary Roadmap for California’s Distributed Energy Future
  10. How Wind and Solar Will Blow Up Power Markets
  11. Germany’s Decision to Phase Out Nuclear Power is Fundamentally Sensible from an Economic Perspective
  12. How Small German Power Consumers Subsidize Industry
  13. How 1,500 People Shut Down Europe’s Biggest Source of CO2
  14. Canadian Greenhouse Gas Emissions Bigger than Germany’s?
  15. World’s Largest Biomass CHP Facility Going Up In England
  16. “Energy Poverty” and the True Costs of Coal
  17. Climate Deniers Losing Ground at Fox News?
  18. There Is No Carbon Dioxide ‘Technofix,’ Scientists Warn
  19. Ice Cream May Lose out to Climate Change
  20. How is Climate Change Affecting Florida?
  21. James Hansen: About Those Boulders…
  22. World’s Largest Rooftop Greenhouse
  23. Study Aims to Spur Energy Savings, Reduce Emissions in U.S. Cities
  24. Market For Energy Efficient Windows Growing Fast



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