Canadian Solar Yieldco IPO On The Way

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Announcing plans to launch its first global yieldco investment structure, Canadian Solar anticipates the IPO may be available on a US Stock Exchange as early as the fourth quarter of 2015. Dr Shawn Qu, chairman and CEO of Canadian Solar, spoke recently about the new yieldco investment product under development. “We have been reviewing various options…

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2 thoughts on “Canadian Solar Yieldco IPO On The Way

  • Solar generates predictable cashflows.
    as you state in the article.
    no volatile sunshine, no volatile Solar Panel prices, no issue of dry wells, long time predictable, no maintenance problems or radiation decommission costs, wartime terror threat costs.
    Rooftop Solar can exist next to Yieldco Solar.
    Bloomberg news yesterday— we have entered the Solar Age.

  • Marvelous. Except that this Canadian company plans to list on a US exchange, making its yieldco investment potentially more attractive to US investors, and of no benefit to Canadian investors who would hope to take advantage of dividend tax credits for investment in Canadian companies.

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