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Published on December 16th, 2014 | by Sponsored Content


UV Light Systems & How They Clean Water

December 16th, 2014 by  

Water certainly isn’t our primary focus, but technologies that make our water cleaner are an important part of cleantech, and we do have 531 articles published on the category. Water purification and water desalination technologies are very useful and to some perhaps even interesting, but they don’t exactly put a spring in my mental boot… for the most part. One that I really think is interesting, however, is water disinfection via UV light. It’s just fascinating how many useful things light can do, from generating electricity in a solar PV system to disinfecting water.

This method of cleaning water is also extremely useful since it is so cheap. It’s absurd how many people in poor countries don’t have access to clean water, one of the most essential things for human life. Millions and millions of people die from lack of clean water. Makes your first-world problems seem completely lame, doesn’t it?

Ultraviolet light systems are some of the best solutions to this lack of clean water. As I wrote more than two years ago, “Ultraviolet light is a very effective, easy way to clean contaminated water, preventing and reducing the occurrence of a wide variety of bacterial and viral diseases in areas without access to clean water.” The story was focused on one particular UV light system, but we’ve covered others over the years. The beautiful thing about this solution is that it’s quite simple.

If you want to learn more about the basics of UV light systems, and infographic below from Pelican Water Systems (which kindly sponsored this article), explains the process. Pelican Water Systems also makes the case for people in the developed world getting a UV light system. Before the infographic, it writes: “Water utilities must meet high quality standards, but the water supply still can be contaminated after it leaves the treatment plant. One of the best ways to ensure the purity and safety of water at home is to install a UV light system. In the infographic below, learn how UV light can keep your family and water supply safe from harmful bacteria.”


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