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Published on December 7th, 2014 | by Cynthia Shahan


Nissan’s “Self-Cleaning LEAF” On The Streets, & Nissan Paint Prank Video On The Web

December 7th, 2014 by  

Along with Zero Emissions, the Nissan LEAF’s exquisite ability to repel any liquid that spills on it incites video fun with hidden cameras setting off a social media campaign (Candid camera style). Hidden cameras catch people walking by as fake workers pull the passersby into the “accidental” action of paint spills.

The bystanders revel in the painter’s outlandish spills of paint… once they find out what’s going on. Except for one who swift to avoid consequences (nearly running down the road) and any involvement with the inept painters. Chaos and resulting laughter ensue, several times. The paint disappears instantly on a bright, clean LEAF every time — sliding off. This repellent LEAF is shining with Ultra-Ever Dry® paint that causes any liquid to slide off the LEAFs glowing finish without leaving a trace (well, with a little bit of help from a bucket of water). Check out Nissan LEAF showing off its new self-cleaning nano-paint technology.

NissanNews, continuing the game, reports:

“The LEAF is already one of the cleanest vehicles around even without this incredibly innovative paint technology; that said, we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty to take this to the next level,” said Pierre Loing, vice president, Product Planning, Nissan North America, Inc. “Getting fans involved via this social media campaign is a fun, creative way to show how the LEAF can stay clean no matter how dirty the world around it may be. A marriage with the Ultra-Ever Dry® exterior coating truly puts this LEAF in a league of its own, and we’re excited to see where this technology can take us.”

The campaign involves more than this hidden-camera fun above. ” ‘Guess the Mess’ challenges fans to guess the liquid being poured on the self-cleaning LEAF on Instagram. After guessing the mess, it’s the fans’ turn to decide what gets poured on the LEAF in the final set of videos entitled ‘Will it stick?’ Fans will be called upon on Instagram to suggest things they’d like to see dumped on the LEAF – ketchup, honey, eggs… anything is in play.”

Nissan is the first automaker using this unique paint coating technology. It is considered a future aftermarket option. UltraTech International Inc is the company behind this paint, which inhibits any creation of smug or dirty marks (aside from liquid spills). Things simply cannot stick to the coating. This cool nano-paint technology repels paint, of course, but also mud and dirt.


Is washing the car a thing of the past? Not quite yet. It is simply a prototype for now, not available to the public. But it might not be long until car washes are a thing of the past… and I’m sure some people will grumble about that just as they grumble that electric cars are quiet and don’t emit that typical (and harmful) smell of pollution that other cars emit. More appeal for one of the most popular electric cars if this nano-paint comes to the LEAF first. EV Obession reports that, excluding Tesla, the LEAF “commanded ⅓ of the electric car market in November [in the US]…. Nissan also set a new November electric car sales record! No electric car has ever seen so many US sales in November.”

Improving on the electric car that is already so popular is what Nissan is up to with more than paint. GAS2 mentions that Nissan’s next-generation model “will boast a longer range and a more mainstream look.” Chris adds: “Though it may have been first out of the gate with a mass market EV, Nissan has taken its lumps and lessons and applied them to the next model.” It seems Nissan is planning to surpass Nissan with constant improvements.

Not tired of Nissan videos and the LEAF’s magic? Watch a Nissan LEAF take on Hawaii’s Māmaka Kaiao in this video. The LEAF’s driver restfully enjoys the Hawaiian sunrise, knowing the LEAF’s battery will recharge due to the Leaf’s regenerative braking system most of the way streaming down the volcano after the lifting sun is high in the morning sky.

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