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EV News: Chevy Bolt, BMW’s Smart EV Bet …

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Time for another EV news roundup. Enjoy!


GM has trademarked the name “Bolt.” Chris discusses some potential reasons why. (GAS2)

One of our readers (and an EV Obsession reader) ran across an electric car ad in a 1914 edition of LIFE. Have a look. (EV Obsession)

Our own Jo Borras was invited to an Elio Motors town hall meeting. He attended and came back with a very thorough and interesting summary. (GAS2)

Will BMW jump into the electric vehicle revolution enough to boost its market share? (EV Obsession)

The first US BMW i8 has now sold for only $825,000. (GAS2)

A former Ford Fusion Energi and Chevy Volt owner is now a BMW i3 REx owner. He chimes in with some initial thoughts and comparisons. (GM-Volt Forum)

German automakers have a bit of a secret weapon in their pursuit of electric vehicle market glory. Hint: It’s called the government. (Sustainnovate)

Can you name the Chinese billionaire (occasionally the richest man in China) who is central to the EV revolution in China? (Sustainnovate)

Combine a Shelby Daytona Coupe body and a revolutionary electric drivetrain and you get the Renovo Coupe, built in secret for the past four years. (GAS2)

Electric vehicles are finally starting to take off in China. Probably. (Sustainnovate)

You know it, I know it, but a lot of people don’t yet know it — electric cars are much better than the competition. (4 ways + another 4 ways)

Perhaps the biggest company that is “all-in” on cleantech of course has its hands in the electric vehicle revolution. (Sustainnovate)

What are the top 6 companies moving the electric vehicle revolution forward? (Here are 3 top ideas + another 3)

Electric cars (and energy storage) are the “next solar power” … if you know what I mean. (Sustainnovate)

Mazda diesel-electric hybrids are scheduled to arrive in 2016. (GAS2)

Formula E gets its first teaser video, below, and Chris pontificates. (GAS2)

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