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Solar Energy News: PACE Financing Grows, Yingli Innovates…

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Here’s some more solar energy news from around the interwebs for you solar energy lovers. Enjoy!


California is jumping back into PACE financing with the CaliforniaFIRST initiative. This is big. (Solar Love)

Yingli Solar has done a bit of innovating in the realm of ingots. (Solar Love)

Astrum Solar has bought Centrica for $54 million. (Solar Love)

SunPower has started construction on a 135 MW solar power plant in California, which is part of SunPower’s holdco strategy. (Solar Love)

Can you name the solar company with the largest market cap? (Greentech Media)

Home solar and net metering aren’t the main causes of utilities’ struggles, despite the widespread assumption that they are. Our buddy Scott Thill illuminates, with the help of a new study. (

Giles digs deeper into the economics of residential battery storage in Australia. (RenewEconomy)

Jake runs down 6 recent Bloomberg New Energy Finance FiRe winners. (Solar Love)

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  • This comment comes from the department of: I’ve had this discussion ad nauseum. This thought below was from the Greentech on cadmium telluride PV panels:

    I’ve had never ending discussions with folks, maybe fossil fuel folks, maybe PR plants working for fossil fuel folks, about cadmium telluride (CdTe) PV solar panels. The issue is: will CdTe leach from a panel, run onto the ground and percolate through the soil into the groundwater. US EPA, other countries EPA equivalents, state environmental agencies, private labs and maybe others have run tests and modeling studies on this. There was pretty much no leaching of these metals reported. I said pretty much as a qualifier. If a panel or a bunch of panels get broken, ground up and scattered all over the land, then maybe there would be a problem. A bunch of the items in our modern society have heavy metals in it. A smartphone for example. And on and on. It’s how we manage the cycle minerals exploitation from mining, metals processing, manufacturing, installation, operations and finally waste handling/recycling/disposal. If a panel is in good shape and just sitting there, there was no reported leaching in any of the reports I read. Of course, it’s best to manufacture without materials that could pose a problem down the road. That’s what Apple is doing, pretty much since having the former US EPA head as a board member (Lisa Jackson).

    All this stuff is called fate and transport of chemicals in the environment. Honest concerns were posed, while many concerns were posed to stir up a problem. Nonetheless, many taxpayers dollars went into governmental studies on this topic, the world over. Sometimes I think there’s a high correlation between boys whose mothers cleaned up after them and libertarians.

    National Institute of Health

    The studies are many. Keywords: cadmium telluride, PV, leaching, fate and transport

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