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Published on August 9th, 2014 | by Zachary Shahan


Solar News & Energy Efficiency News Roundup

August 9th, 2014 by  

If you’re itching for more solar news to read this weekend, check out my top (non-CleanTechnica) picks below. Of course, also be sure you’ve read every solar article on CleanTechnica (we’ve only published 5,450… not including this one). I’m also rolling in energy efficiency news and other energy news, below the solar news.

Solar News

Radical Republican politicians are pushing so hard against Obama that they are pushing people toward solar. Woops.

Sungevity’s CEO, Andrew Birch, was recently interviewed on Bloomberg TV. I love his messaging, and not just because he let me interview him as well.

Yingli Solar has been named one of Fuji’s top suppliers, following an evaluation of ~6,000 suppliers. It is the first supplier outside of Japan to win the award. The solar giant is also now expanding into the fast-growing Latin American solar market.

A new Minneapolis map shows the suitability of solar power for every roof in the city.

China is planning to install more solar power in 2014 than the US has installed in all of history.

SolarCity & Sunrun are suing the Arizona Department of Revenue over property taxes being placed on leased solar power systems.

Dow’s solar shingles are now available in two more states, Hawaii and Delaware.

Want to read the full Department of Commerce preliminary dumping tariff announcement? Go for it. It’s actually quite concise.

A new documentary is out on SolarWorld founder and CEO Frank Asbeck, who certainly doesn’t fit the “environmentalist” stereotype perfectly and has lived a rather interesting life. Craig Morris provides more context and history. (The comments under the article are also good.)

A minimum bill would be better than a fixed charge for the average Massachusetts solar customer, according to GTM Research.

Net metering at the retail rate of electricity saves model customers in 5 California cities $700 to $1000 more on their energy bills than they would save with the same solar systems but without net metering, GTM Research finds.

Solar power isn’t just clean, green, and a money-making machine. It’s also a tool for “radical feminism.”

Here are 6 reasons to go solar. I know — you can list many more. Go ahead and add them in the comments!

SolarCity is quietly moving toward loans, reportedly. No surprise, since the overall solar market in the US is not-so-quietly moving toward loans.

Compared to wind electricity, Germany is paying a lot more for solar electricity. That’s not really a surprise, but the analysis and the trend over time are both interesting.

Xcel Energy has more faces than Eve. Chip Martin explains.

Harley-Davidson and Stellar Solar team up to power an electric motorcycle tour with solar power.

First Solar and XSOL have inked a partnership for 100 MW of solar in Japan.

Energy Efficiency News

Check out how to install a timer strip for more energy savings.

Check out how to check the seal on your fridge and oven.

Check out how to check for air leaks around your doors and windows.

The US Department of Energy is investing another $6 million into commercial building efficiency.

Other Energy News

Because I don’t have any other roundups to put these in:

German utilities have 49 power plants totaling 7.9 GW of capacity lined up for the noose.

The Geothermal Energy Association has named its 2014 GEA Honors winners.

One way to cut carbon emissions that almost nobody discusses is paying people to do stuff for you.


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