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The Evolution of Lighting (Exclusive Video)

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I think the video below is my last video from this year’s Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week* that I have to share, which is good, because we’re more than halfway between this year’s Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week and next year’s!

This video below is from a tour of GE’s first (and currently only) Ecomagination Center, which is located in Masdar City. This is just one short segment on lighting, but I thought some of the facts were interesting enough for a share.

  • In the video, it’s stated that 80 watts can produce electricity for 2 incandescent bulbs or 8 LEDs. However, 40-watt equivalent LEDs from Cree actually use just 6 watts, and reportedly produce more light than a 40-watt incandescent, so 80 watts could produce electricity for 13 such bulbs and more light generated.
  • According to one of the screens on that display, 82% of the 2 billion light bulbs sold globally every year are incandescents. Imagine the energy savings that is possible from switching to LEDs! (And note that LEDs are now cost-effective on a lifetime basis, often saving consumers a ton of money by the time they die out.)
  • On the same screen, GE points out that ~80% of an incandescent bulb’s energy use goes toward the creation of heat, while ~80% of an LED’s energy use goes toward the creation of light.

It’s time to move beyond incandescents (and CFLs) to LEDs — plain and simple.

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*Full Disclosure: My trip to Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week was hosted by Masdar. However, I had full control over the content I produced.

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  • lvogt

    My hi-rise condo is in the process of renovation, part of which is replacing all the ugly florescent hall lighting with more pleasing LEDs. The energy savings will leave more of our assessment for other maintenance.

  • patb2009

    lighting would be big, it would cut demand by 20%, A lot more if it includes the impact on air conditioning.

  • GCO

    You’ve generated 80 watts of electricity

    ?! GE can’t even get measurements right?

    • patb2009

      it was probably 80 Watt-seconds, but, yeah, they need some engineers to correct that.

  • Joe

    I have brand name led down lights at home. They are failing after 2yrs of use…

    • Offgridman

      Then call the company, even if you have to go back to the store to check a new package for contact info.
      Started with LED’s myself 4-5 years ago and had problems with some of them. But phone calls or emails got replacements or coupon/certificates for new ones with minimum hassle.
      This is new tech that the bugs are being worked out of, but the brand name companies are concerned with keeping their reputations and cover warranties.
      You may also want to check your power source and if running higher or lower than median (happens often with grid supply) get the dimmable bulbs that handle these variations better. Even if you don’t have them on dimmer switches.

    • Which brand? I imagine they must have a warranty, no?

      • Bob_Wallace

        Ever run across the FUD brand?

    • No way

      10 years ago I replaced most of my light with LED’s. I have had one failing. It’s outdoors and 3 of the 6 LED’s in it has died, all on the same side and died at the same time so I’m assuming it’s just one contact point that doesn’t get electricity anymore (but I haven’t bothered checking it or throw it out since it gives enough light anyway and is just for decoration).

      Been adding some LED’s since then to my house and to relatives and friends houses and haven’t heard about any of them failing.
      I assume you should have been buying no-name low price LED’s straight from China like I do instead of brand names. 😉

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