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Not The Tesla Model X

August 5th, 2014 by  

Originally published on EV Obsession.

Not that many people would assume it was, but just for clarity’s sake (or, more likely, a bit of fun), Tesla Motors took to the Twittersphere in order to officially state that the vehicle in the picture below (which apparently got hot on reddit) is not the Tesla Model X:

In case that tweet gets removed for some reason, here’s a screenshot:

not the tesla model x

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  • Mac1177

    If you can not tell that is a Hummer, you should not be commenting on ANY thing automotive. PERIOD. That big ugly box is unmatched by anything for ugly.

    The Model X is awesome looking and I can not wait until it is released. Putting my 5k down next month.

  • Ben Helton

    In the Tesla Marketing room;
    “Could somebody go a dealership, take a test-drive of a big ol hummer, park it in TWO Tesla spots, and get us a viral picture.”


  • Wayne Williamson

    I know most of the posts are anti hummer…just wondering what would happen if they made an electric one with say twice the battery pack of a tesla(170kwh). Maybe its just using two super chargers;-)

  • Raymond Ramírez

    That Tesla Supercharger was ICEd by a Hummer!

  • Mike TheVet

    Park like that and expect your vehicle to be keyed.

    Case closed, douche served.

    • Bob_Wallace

      Perhaps we could hope for “towed and crushed”….

      • Mike TheVet

        Would it be more expensive to get your Hummer out of the Tow Yard or out of the shop from a fresh patch up?

        I truly don’t know.

        • Bob_Wallace

          Insurance might cover the body work. Even after paying the deductible it might be cheaper than paying for ‘tow and stow’.

          Damaging would be wrong. But I’d drop a dime on some jerk doing this. Just as with parking in a handicapped zone.

    • djr417

      Dont be so hard on him and his parking job…he probably ran out of gas and just pulled over 🙂

  • Jason Willhite

    That driver might be a douche. Driving that gas guzzler and taking up two parking spots. The only way he could top that would be two double park on two handicap parking spots.
    Oh, and he’s blocking two super-chargers. Nice.

  • Offgridman

    But if they could get the Model X to look like that without losing any of the range just think how quickly the big SUV, and diesel driving ‘coal power’ freaks would snap them up. All without realizing that they had converted to electric until the first stop at the pump. 🙂
    Just encorporate a sound track with motor noises, and something to blow colored water vapor out the back, and we can have all those hicks driving around on electric power before you know it.
    Before anyone complains, try to understand the sarcasm.

    • Yeah, can imagine that. 😀

      Of course, the Model X is going to be a lot better looking, but may not trick people into going electric as much. 😀

      • Offgridman

        It’s all a matter of perspective and opinion. For myself the amount of space and the four wheel drive that are needed in a sleek looking vehicle that looks like a car as shown at the Model X reveal last year are very appealing. But for a lot of my neighbors up here in the hills the ultimate of automotive beauty was achieved back in the sixties and seventies with the pickup truck models released then, that many of them take the time and money to restore. And I can understand that, there is no way that I would let go of my ’64 Dodge D100 with its brow over cab roof. But I would like to get it converted to electric drive like the Canadian brewery has been doing with their green machines. At the same time the realities of an every day driver that can do the long distance trips being filled up for free off from my solar panels or the super chargers is just as appealing with its modern looks.

    • kathleenbbryant

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      • Offgridman

        Can you get rid of this trash Zach? Don’t even see how it fits into thecconversation.

        • Bob_Wallace

          Flag ’em. That at least gets them out of view (I think) and about the first thing I do is check for flags and slay.

          • Offgridman

            Thanks Bob, wasn’t remembering disqus having that option at the time.
            Guess that’s what helps to keep things on track here. Even though we got pretty far off subject with Tennessee and population control yesterday. 🙂
            Hope you are having a great day, we sure are here. “Sunshine on my panels makes me happy” you will have to pretend it’s Bob Denver singing that.

          • Bob_Wallace

            We’re covered in smoke here. It’s fire season. I may have to drag the generator out of storage in order to pump some water.

            At least most of the smoke is up high and my eyes aren’t burning too badly.

          • Offgridman

            Well crap, sorry to hear about that, stay safe.

          • Yikes, that sucks.

          • No way
          • Michael B

            Personally, I was never that fond of Gilligan’s voice.. LOL

        • We’ve been trying. We’ve been blacklisting certain words/sites the spammers are using, but they keep changing up what they are spamming.

          Hopefully they will disappear before long. Understand how annoying it is.

          • Offgridman

            Thanks for letting me know what is being done to address this issue.
            As Bob pointed out above I had forgotten about the flagging option which would have brought it to your attention even sooner. Will be remembering it in the future to help keep things on track here.

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