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Cadillac ELR Getting Discounted Up To $14,000 Due To Low Sales

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Did the Cadillac ELR’s official price tag of $76,000 sound a bit high to you? Well, if so, it looks like you’re not the only one that thought so — car dealers around the country, reportedly, are heavily discounting the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle in order to move them faster.

GM is itself offering up to $8,000 dollars worth of dealer and customer incentives, and some dealers — in states like Florida, Texas, and Maryland — are even offering discounts as high as $12,000–14,000.

Image Credit: Cadillac

Not such a surprising turn of events really, when you consider that there are other, arguably higher-quality EVs — such as the Tesla Model S — out there that are priced cheaper. Hard to tell what GM was expecting to happen.

Autoblog Green provides more:

Shoppers in a number of states are reporting that GM and its dealers are discounting the ELR in order to move more off dealer lots. The issue is that few people are biting at the official price tag of about $76,000, so GM has started offering as much as $8,000 worth of dealer and customer incentives, Transport Evolved reports. More recently, dealers in states such as Florida, Texas and Maryland are offering discounts in the $12,000-to-$14,000 range, and that’s before any federal and state plug-in incentives kick in.

It’s not difficult to guess why. Through the first half of the year, GM sold fewer than 400 ELRs. Last month, Caddy moved just 97 units, or about as many as Tesla sells of its Model S in a day. Perpahs recent spy shots that reveal a test ELR that appears to up the sportiness quotient, with touches such as larger wheels and brakes, will also help sales.

Hmm. Even with the reduced price it’s hard to see how the ELR can compete with the Model S….

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  • mike

    I recieved $21k off the ELR for total price of $59k for ELR in houston TX

  • Robert Pollock

    The terrible irony here for Americans, is that the Spark EV is arguably ‘best of class’. It’s fast, fun, reliable, cheap, and it’s the only EV under $40,000 with a battery cooling system, mandatory in Southern California, or anywhere in the American southwest. Jerry Brown ordered it built, not GM.

    • i wish GM would sell/lease it more widely.

      • Republic

        They’d rather not have to sell it anywhere. Tesla is going to do to GM what the airlines did to ocean liners.

      • Since the 70’s the big four, now three, have seemed disinterested in competing within the American auto market, in any class of vehicles other than large & overpriced.

    • Steve Grinwis

      This is clearly not true. The Smart ForTwo electric drive has a full battery thermal management system. It can air condition it’s pack, by running the A/C system to cool the coolant around the battery pack.

      And it costs $27k.

      • Robert Pollock


        I stand corrected, although I thought of the Smart Car (There are a bunch around here, mostly ICE) as I wrote the sentence, but I was caught in the moment, so to speak. Wrong, it’s sends bad info. However the rest of it, about needing the cooling capability here in the desert is true. The Spark listed around $28k too, but leasing is the only sensible way to acquire one for now, even more so a year ago. Problem is no one knows what they’ll be worth end of lease.
        And if you’re leasing, you don’t care as much if the battery fails prematurely, it will mostly happen after you’re done with it, but the experience is invaluable I think. One day we will buy one. For us, living with one has been very pleasant, literally. My gym is 7 miles away. With the ICE car I obsessed over the gallon of gas used to start, go, stop and return. Maybe $50/month if I went three times per week. Now I go almost everyday. 5:30 AM, window up or down, Beach Boys playing or silent, the trip costs nothing, contributes nothing to the air, and not since my motorcycle days, lets me experience the moment.
        Robert Pollock


        • Steve Grinwis

          My experience is similar to your own, but the spark is not available in Canada. I’m hoping the model III will be out when my lease is up.

  • Robert Pollock

    When I leased my Spark last November, the experience with the Chevy staff was so horrible, due to lack of enthusiasm and knowledge, (and old school dishonest, like bait & switch lease contracts) that after paying the deposit by credit card (which included the first month’s lease payment) and finding the car didn’t have the DC Fast Charge option they said it would, (I knew they’d never find one, but they didn’t) I called the credit card company who then ‘held’ the deposit until a resolution was determined. It was, I won in mediation using the Better Business Bureau, and Chevy declined to sue in small claims for their deposit, so the car only costs me the $219 lease payment per month. No maintenance or gas = cheapest car to operate I’ve ever owned. Plus Chevy gave me $500 towards a Bosch level II charging station, already discounted heavily that finally cost me less than $200, taxes and delivery included. If they keep that up, they’ll need another bail-out soon. Other car companies must shake their heads wondering how they stay in business. Park my Spark EV next to one of their fire-breathing camaros. It makes you wonder what their future plans are.

  • spec9

    This is sad. They never should have asked for such a high price and now they are making the car look like a failure when it was just over-priced. Would would buy the ELR when you can buy the Model S for the same price?

  • Try Finding Me

    they are going to need more than bigger wheels and better handling. How about a minimum of a 200 mile battery, lose the ancient ICE, and a much more powerful motor. Have it start at 45k and top out at 65k

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    • spec9

      That would be a nice car but a completely different car. Why not both?

      • michelleehaskins

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