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Tesla Motors Involved In Organized Crime… According To Anti-EV Fliers In San Francisco

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Tesla Motors is apparently involved in organized crime, and if you drive a Tesla electric car then you are as well. 🙂 According to fliers that are being distributed in San Francisco, that is. Many Tesla owners have recently found said fliers on their vehicles and decided to share the humorous pranks(?!).

Sort of hard to imagine someone being serious with this, after having read it. But why else would someone go through all the trouble of canvassing San Francisco looking for Teslas if they weren’t serious? Why else would someone (or a group of someones) actually going around San Francisco searching for the relatively rare Tesla Model S or Roadster.

Some of the other more humorous portions of the flier reference Tesla’s “manipulations of Congress”; the safety issues with Tesla’s EVs that have somehow “burned planes”; the question of why Tesla has “caused so many homicides”; Tesla’s “non-automotive designed batteries”; and the allegation that Tesla is in-bed with Google and created the EV specifically to keep track of rich people. 🙂

Here’s the full flier. Enjoy.

While this is likely to be the least important article that we’ve written about Tesla (probably ever), there has been, as of late, a lot of important news concerning the company coming out, such as the announcement that Tesla now occupies 50% of its Fremont factory; the news that plans for a potential Gigafactory are moving forward in two states; the expansion of Tesla’s partnership with Sixt Leasing into Switzerland; and the (considerably less important) news that you can win a free Tesla Model S via sweepstakes on eBay.

To be clear, I do recommend that you enter the sweepstakes. 🙂

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  • mike choas

    Tesla Motors has to face several challenges ahead as many of the automakers are competing in the electric vehicles market to capture the market share

  • mikechoas

    Tesla deals income under the arrangement throughout the three months finished March 31. that contrasted and $14.4 million for the same period a year ago

  • victor in LA

    What a desperate title for an unsubstantial article. A waste of virtual space.

  • Benjamin Nead

    I think I met one of these crazies. Our local electric vehicle club participated in several public displays in April and, at one of them, we had a guy come up to us who went off the deep end about how lithium batteries were unsafe. He told us that he used to own a company (I won’t mention which one) that used to manufacture nickel metal hydride cells that had since gone out of business. He went on to declare that every auto manufacturer who has subsequently gone on to use lithium cells “went down the wrong path” and would ruin the chance for the wider adoption of electric cars.

    He really started to display his proverbial tin foil hat in public, though, when he theorized that the recently-missing Indonesian Air Boeing 777 was carrying “hundreds of pounds of lithium cells” (never mind that it’s the 787 that features a lithium pack, not the 777) and that these instantly exploded over the Indian Ocean before anyone could radio for help. He also declared that there have been “hundreds” of lithium car fires involving Teslas and Chevy Volts (never mind that the actual number of such incidents can counted on the fingers of a single hand.)

    The guy was clearly (1) nuts and (2) pissed off that his business concern bet against lithiums at a crucial time to the detriment of their NiMH holdings.
    Funny . . . he was clearly not “anti-EV” in the conventional sense. But he was clearly a lithium ion battery conspiracy theorist . . . the first one I had ever met.

  • Hrólf Kraki

    Apparently for many people, conjecture = fact

  • sranger

    The anti-Tesla trolls seem to be losing their minds now that almost all of their talking points against Tesla have been invalidated…

    As a result, I guess it is natural that their rants have to get crazier and crazier as time goes by…

  • Wei ren Doc

    Look at what he did at PayPal…unethical to say the least…then the Eberhard fiasco…then they talk the police out of investigating the plane crash that killed those employees… enough said. PayPal, Tesla, Solar City, decide! Hopefully Devine justice will be served.

    • sranger

      Yep, these crazy anti-Tesla trolls are going to be proven wrong over and over and over….

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