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1st TalkSolar + CleanTechnica Podcast! (Tables Turned)

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As announced the other day, TalkSolar and CleanTechnica have teamed up for TalkSolar’s second season. The first show was on Thursday (shows are broadcast live on Thursdays at noon EST / 9 am PST on BlogTalkRadio). Since it was the first show of the new partnership, we decided to launch with the interview tables turned. I interviewed TalkSolar‘s & Southeast Green‘s Beth Bond. In actuality, it was more like a coffee-shop chat or fireside chat. You can listen below, and feel free to chime in with your own comments to any of the topics down in the comment section below the post.

Needless to say, I’m very excited to have Beth leading this podcast season here on CleanTechnica. We’ve lined up an exceptional string of solar experts for her to interview, and I’m sure we’ll all have a lot of fun listening to those interviews each week.

We initially said these summaries + replays would run on Fridays here on CleanTechnica. However, I’ve decided that Saturdays might be better. Friday is a tough day to get people’s attention for long, and we often have a lot more articles published on Friday than Saturday. Of course, you can also listen live on the TalkSolar channel.

Normally, by the way, there won’t be delays in the conversation like there were in this one. That was due to some imperfections with Skype, which is what I used to call in to the show.

If you have any specific topics you want Beth to cover or any specific people you’d like her to interview, drop us a note! You can comment under these posts regarding that or email email Ms Bond (that just sounded cool) directly.

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  • Will E

    How Much Are Solar Panels? is wrong question, How Much Are Solar Panels Gonna Save Me? is better.
    love this story. This is what people want to know.
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    Wind Power in Texas ads 1 Gigawatt in 2013 and makes a profit of 100 million dollars a year.

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