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Published on April 4th, 2014 | by Zachary Shahan


Daily Show Airs Excellent Clip On Fracking (VIDEO)

April 4th, 2014 by  

Originally published on Planetsave.

Daily Show Fracking

Daily Show fracking family

This is absolutely hilarious… but also absolutely sad. Most of what is in this Daily Show fracking video is no joke at all. The ramifications from fracking that are highlighted here are real — even the earthquakes. And Chevron’s attempt to pacify a community that had just seen an explosion that killed one of its members? Also true.

Just watch the video:


That Marita Noon lady? She’s real. That’s not a character. Scary? Sad? Funny? Maybe all of the above…

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  • aaron

    Admins censoring comments on here you might as well ban me because I am going to continue talking about it your censorship campaign until you ban me or stop (which I don’t see you stopping because you are pathetic). Admins on this site are deleting comments of mine agreeing with this video and pointing out some of the atrocities our government has committed. Censorship at its finest. Keep covering up the information, the truth will still come out.

    • Bob_Wallace

      Look, if you wish to contribute in constructive discussion you are welcome to stay.

      If you just wan to post rants then you will go away.

      • aaron

        So me originally pointing out that that our government invades other countries so corporations can rape and pillage their resources just like they are doing in our own country is not a “constructive discussion” yet the video is about fracking (which is raping and pillaging our resources and land and environment)? Looks like your opinions of what is an isn’t a “constructive discussion” need to be reevaluated.

  • aaron

    Hmmm WOW, cant say I am surprised but I am disappointed at this site following the censorship trend running rampant in this country. My comment that supported this video but talked about some of the other atrocities our government has committed was deleted by admins? Great job in censoring the truth. You are no better than the people committing global destruction of the environment that this site allegedly are against. How about you retort what I say with actual facts instead of just deleting it? Pathetic to say the least.

  • jburt56

    Ah but the pizza was GMO!!

  • I suppose it’s OK to poke fun at the situation though personally I don’t see the humor in the Pizza in response to a disaster that killed a person. Along with that immediate emergency ongoing environmental damage is ensuing. Not funny to me.

    What I find way more disturbing is the fact that the government and the industry are using fracking as, what they aver, to be a safe clean long term solution to our energy and climate conundrum. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every resource (and the attached dollars) spent on maintaining the status quo of energy (the continued reliance on fossil fuels for the bulk of our energy) is WASTED. The climate issue, which is now critical, has it’s own set of problems and continuing BAU will only make those problems worse. On the energy front we need to be building our alternative energy infrastructure as quickly as possible.

    Failure to do this will insure a very bad ending for civilization and quite possible our species itself (not to mention most life forms on the planet). Insane alarmist you say? I hope that that is true but in ten years, if nothing dramatic is done to address this issue, get back to me and lets continue the conversation.

    People don’t seem to understand that we have set in motion the same atmospheric physics and chemistry that led to the late Permian extinction event. Instead we run around like ants who have had their hill breached fighting over fracking vs wind and solar.

    Excuse me if you find this insulting but we’re are little more than morons playing musical chairs on the Titanic. This Pizza story should point that out to even the dimmest of minds.

  • No way

    It’s just scary… I hope you stand up to them and stop this madness.

    • Kyle Field

      It’s not one person standing up to them…it’s each one of us doing our part – consuming less, being more responsible and maybe more importantly – doing our research before we vote to ensure our interests are protected by the right lawmakers.

      • Doing our research before voting. So important!

        (And research does not involve simply listening to our favorite TV talk show host give continuously biased opinions & fake facts regarding someone, natch.)

  • Jim Seko

    Aasif Mondvi is amazing. Did you see Aasif Mondvi’s segment on healthcare? It was mind-blowing!—knoxville–tennessee-edition

    • Thanks! I love him too. Hadn’t seen that one.

      The crazy thing to me is that those insane people he interviews are being serious!

  • aaron

    Welcome to our country. Where destroy and pollute the environment pulling out every natural resource of value and continually lower the quality of life for everyone but the super rich. If you don’t agree with what we do, too bad because we will just invade your country or send the CIA in to collapse your government and do the same thing to your resources, all while keeping our public under control with our propaganda machine also known as main stream media…America, Fuck Yea!

  • driveby

    How about adding a comment counter + link directly onto the main page for each article Zach?

    Half the fun on your website are the comments and discussions after I have read the article.. and I’d be interested to know which articles are ‘hot’ in terms of ‘reactions’.

    • Ross

      The old version of the site had a comment counter.

      • Yeah, this theme doesn’t have the option. But working on getting it added via some coding work.

      • Bob_Wallace

        As I understand things, this site picks a “theme” that formats the page. No budget for a complete site design.

        The current theme seems to not include dates and counts. Zach has someone working to see if wishes can become ponies.

        eta: I should read to the bottom of the email feed prior to commenting.

        But I probably won’t from time to time.

    • Thanks. We’ve gotten many requests for that and are indeed working on finally getting it added again. Hopefully soon.

      • No way

        I just love the work of this page, and especially the work of you Zachary. Listening carefully to peoples requests and always taking the “critisism” of faulty facts and such in a great way by changing what needs to be changed in articles and adding sources and explainations when needed to make great articles even better.
        I’m going to Poland in early May and I would love to be able to buy you a beer or two (I probably won’t have time since it’s an education trip for 9th graders about the holocaust and I don’t control the itinirary, but anyway…. 🙂 )

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