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Elon Musk Says He “Might Someday Run For President”

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Photo Credit: jdlasica / / CC BY-NCElon Musk is clearly a successful entrepreneur. He made billions with PayPal and is now changing the world with Tesla Motors while advancing space exploration with SpaceX. Meanwhile, he’s also the Chairman of leading solar company SolarCity. He’s commonly referred to as the “real-life Iron Man,” particularly because director Jon Favreau modeled his Tony Stark character after Musk, but also because of things like this.

But would Elon Musk ever get into politics? Well, in his typically cautious style, he says he might. In an extensive interview regarding the Tesla controversy in New Jersey conducted by Bloomberg, the topic of Chris Christie’s potential run for president came up, which then stimulated an interesting question: would Elon ever consider running for president?

To my great surprise, Elon reportedly said that he “might someday run for president.”

I thought the political world was outside of Elon’s interests, but he apparently noted that he wants to help the world as much as possible, and the political arena is a place in which a lot of progress can be enabled (natch).

Of course, Elon isn’t the type to have small goals. If he were to get into politics, he noted he’d want to make sure he had influence comparable to what he has in the business world, which basically means running for president.

Of course, the possibility is slim and it’s not going to happen in the coming election, but it’s interesting that Elon considers it an option.

Unfortunately, there was no indication whether Musk would run as a Democrat, Republican, or Independent. However, one would guess that he’d run as a Democrat. In the first half of 2010, he gave $71,000 to Democrats versus $7,000 to Republicans. But who really knows? Musk is known to surprise.

Note: be sure to check your calendar today.

Photo Credit: jdlasica / / CC BY-NC

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  • Bubba Nicholson

    That same Constitution said that the POTUS and his VP couldn’t both be from the same state of Texas like Bush/Chaney were. I think Hillary could adopt Elon Musk for VP, who knows?
    The Constitution was written when kings ruled the earth and were a danger to the then infant republic.
    It would certainly be ironic to disenfranchise a fine businessman of keen intellect, a maker of billions of additional worth to the American economy (Tesla’s going to be here long after Elon Musk and all the rest of us fade). After all, we have had a presidential assassin, never even graduated from high school or college, allowed to run for POTUS. I mean, that Alexander Haig personally cut up JFK’s body, and he, too, was allowed to run for president of our country. Look at all the teenage girls that George W. Bush raped, and bragged about at his college/club/fraternity. George W. Bush was not disqualified from attending UT Law on account of grades, it was his defective character that got in his way. Surely America’s worst serial rapist being allowed to run for the presidency would suggest that an innocent accident of birth could be tolerated?

  • Matthew

    Where can I buy “Elon Musk for President” bumper stickers!!!! And right underneath that bumper sticker I want another bumper sticker that says: “Because all the rest of you a$$clowns suck so badly.”

  • baljeetd

    Would it be “too professional” for CleanTechnica to date/time their articles?

    • Bob_Wallace


      But you can get the date from the address in your browser window.

      This article was published 2014/04/01.

  • Pat Campbell

    Once “natural born” is eventually run by the Supreme Court, Elon as a corporate officer of a US corporation may well qualify to run ….

    • Bob_Wallace

      With the Roberts Court we may get a ruling that a corporation, if founded in the US, can run for president.

      And if the corporation loses, then Roberts and friends can ignore the vote count and appoint.

  • HappyAprilFoolsDay

    How about “President of Mars” ? 🙂

  • anderlan

    Except that Elon *really* was born in Africa.

  • Matthew

    I want an elon musk for president anyway! Let’s send a message to those other a$$clowns that we are fed up and willing to go the extra mile to do it.

  • Justin Barkewich

    Let him run for California Govenor, he definately would have a chance, if Arnold can do it so can he!!

  • Gwennedd

    If he can’t run for Office in the States, Canada may welcome him to run for Prime Minister, so would many European countries… sigh. I wish he WOULD run against Harper. I’d not only vote for him, I’d help with his campaign!

  • Ronald Brakels

    I suppose, that when you think about it, any sub-orbital flight is bound to pass over a large number of sharks.

  • Chandy Pand

    Please Elon, do not attempt life in politics. You deserve way more than that. Politics are full of haters and people who give you no recognition. Someone honest and a straight shooter style may not stand out, even a genius like you.

  • A Real Libertarian

    Musk can’t run do to the Natural-Born-Citizen Clause.

    Why run this article?

    It’s almost like it’s April Fool’s or something.

  • sambar

    Never happen, he’s too open and honest.

  • Jim Seko

    If you’re old enough to remember many people urged Lee Iacoca to run for president because of his saving of Chrysler. As more people learn of Musk’s accomplishments a similar sentiment could develop. If enough people have this sentiment a constitutional amendment could happen. As far as 2016 is concerned, I hope Elizabeth Warren runs for president.

  • demonslayer420

    voting for yourself is a good start

  • RubberToe

    Like the author said… Check your calendars 🙂

  • spec9

    He is not a natural born citizen.

  • K. Lam

    so surprised to see so many not read Mr. Shahan’s “note”. Along those lines, I think he was probably aiming for a higher office … “President” of Panem?

    • Yes, was wondering how many would pay attention to that 😀

    • Peter Gray

      “in his typically cautious style” was another giveaway…

  • Offgridmanpolktn

    So if due to the legal situation he can not run for president let’s make him a senator or congressman. It is quite obvious that a lot of them need replacing also, and he is rich enough not to be influenced by the money peddlers.

    • jeffhre

      “let’s make him a senator or congressman.” Ya think, just maybe, he might just have ta’ want the job first?

  • Chris Marshalk

    He’d make a good president though.

    • Ross

      I’d vote for him if I was American. Need for scientifically literate people in government.

      • Bob_Wallace

        The skill sets for being an innovator and for being a good political leader are not necessarily the same.

        Elon has the advantage of being in control of the budget. He doesn’t have to approach people who hate his guts and ask them to free up funds or to figure out how to get around them. He doesn’t have to figure out how to get along with the other car manufacturers. He might not be any good at those tasks.

        • Ross

          All true and obvious caveats.

  • Jouni Valkonen

    Laws can be changed.

    • Bob_Wallace

      A Constitutional amendment in this case. Not easy to do.

      • Matt

        It will not happen, neither Elon or the terminator will become the US president. “he noted he’d want to make sure he had influence comparable to what he has in the business world” so maybe he didn’t say president.

    • Indeed. 😀

  • Ed

    Right on. Born in South Africa. Can’t run. Waste of an article.

  • Ross

    Don’t think he can because he isn’t a “natural born” US citizen.

    • We will correct that for Elon 😀

      • Ross

        Haha good one. Got me.

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