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Tesla Motors Snags “Hacker Princess” From Apple

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Tesla Motors recently snagged the “Hacker Princess” away from Apple Computers, in a shroud of secrecy.

Kristin Paget, who was able to choose her own title at Apple and chose Hacker Princess, said on her twitter account recently that the new position was “something security-related” but that she “shouldn’t say too much” publicly.

A rock star in the IT security world, Apple hired her in late 2012 as a security researcher. In 2007, Paget and a select team of hackers assisted in securing Microsoft Vista’s operating system. At Defcon 2010, she demonstrated the vulnerabilities in cell phone calls by using a fake cell phone tower to intercept calls.

From day one, security has been a major issue in the information technology world, whether its cellular phones, e-commerce, or the Internet. As electric vehicles continue to become more popular in the market, it will face many of the same security concerns, as IT and cleantech fuse together.

Tesla Motors can simply implement software updates as “recalls.” It was co-founded by a computer software engineer and a computer hardware engineer. Advanced software solutions are key to Tesla’s performance and success. But they also open security risks. Tesla Motors, by hiring Paget, has made an astute move. The company is currently moving forward in addressing some of its security concerns in its version 6.0 of the Model S software package (due shortly).

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  • timbuck93

    Here’s a way to solve those security problems:

    Allow a function to disengage the connection to the cell towers – done.
    Why the hell does it constantly need to be connected? That’s not smart.

  • Anonymous_Whistleblower

    I was in the room with Abe and Kyle exposed the Master KEY for the Carnet over the Web, now hackers can drive. Good Luck! She’s got less than 6 months. Dump all your Tesla Stock.

    • A Real Libertarian

      Wow, you short-sellers are getting desperate.

  • dogphlap dogphlap

    Hi everybody,

    I don’t know of Kristin Paget but I hope the recent couple of hires from Apple does not signify the start of a trend away from Linux (i.e. open source) towards a more proprietary corporate mindset. The job title she chose hints that may not happen but with a history that includes both Apple and Microsoft I can’t help but wonder.

    With Mr Musk’s background I feel she must be the real deal or she would never had landed the position.

    So far Tesla has been a very bright ray of light in the dull grey of corporate America.
    I wish them and all who work there nothing but the best.

    Best regards.

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