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Stealth Bomber Electric Bike Takes Hold Of That Smooth (Stealth) Groove & Tops Electric Bike List

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Stealth, an electric bike startup, is an apt name for generations that are forming new pathways to transit. These budding generations exercise technological progress that leave baby boomers longing to keep up. We want to.

Watch and experience this “Stealth Bomber Electric Bike” as it cruises stealthily in that groovy bicycles weave. This one is reportedly at the top of the list for those who appreciate well-made electric bikes with purpose-built frames. This video captures the mobility from the bicyclist’s smooth view:

At the top of that article linked above about top purpose-built electric bike frames, published on, the writer notes:

This is hardly a top-10 list since there are barely ten manufacturers out there building a purpose-built electric bike. As hard as it is to believe, with the hundreds of electric bikes on the market, only a handful of companies have bothered to design an electric bike with the batteries built into the frame….

Riding a bike with the battery built into the frame offers many advantages:

  • Bike is better balanced when battery is within the frame triangle.
  • Frames make great place to hide unsightly wiring
  • Bike is less Jankey with components held solidly in place
  • Battery is more fire safe when contained in the frame
  • You have the option of easily adding more batteries in the rear cargo-rack. Bike can be designed to hold a lot of battery such as the Stealth Bomber

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  • Sam Hsu

    Not on my top of list, plenty of other e-bikes that is a bicycle not a motorcycle disguised as a bicycle., for that price, it’s better and smarter to get a E-scooter or a real motorcycle. I agreed with most of the negative comments here.

  • Richard

    So if the battery is encased in the frame, then how do you repair/replace it if it goes bad??? Do you have to ship the whole bike back?

  • Green Globe

    A couple of comments:

    As an avid cyclist (mountain biker, roadie and cyclocross racer) let me say that this video will give the wrong impression. No wonder so many drivers (of cars) hate us cyclists and want us off the roads and streets. The bicycle/cycling community is working hard to to be able to coexist with automobiles and then we have this video. The rider in the video has no cycling etiquette.

    Secondly, I’m all for e-bikes for commuting BUT an electric mountain bike makes no sense whatsoever. Pedaling while ascending a steep trail and reaching the summit on your OWN power is a big part of mountain biking as is pedaling a section of trail with different obstacles, technical features and exposure. An electric mountain bike for street commuting is just as bad. Just my two cents.


  • Shawn

    Great electric bike, but the driver is a tool who apparently has no respect for traffic laws. It’s too bad he didn’t get creamed by that motorcycle while white lining between the cars.

  • I can hardly believe that a respected publication like yours would run this story with video showing a motorcycle with pedals being recklessly ridden on a multi use bike path. Electric bicycles are defined under US and EU laws to be bicycles that have rights of access to bicycle infrastructure. This is NOT an electric bicycle under law. While it may have a place in society, its not allowed on bicycle infrastructure. Bad move, Clean Technica!

    • Jem

      There you have it…………. The voice of ban anything that is fun and enjoyable!!! Bet you slow down for car accidents.

      • @Jem – “ban anything that is fun and enjoyable!!!” So you think this reckless behavior is fun and enjoyable? Seriously, you need to find some other way to experience fun and enjoyment while not putting others at risk.

  • RamboSTiTCH

    Seems dangerous… but I love the gawking.

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