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Ford Electric Bike By Pedego — Love Highlights From Dealer Convention

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Walk into a Ford dealership soon and you will find the highlight of the recent National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Convention in New Orleans. The bolt of black that “won the hearts” of Ford dealers is a splendid electric bike. The bike’s beauty immediately captured these dealers — 10 of these Ford electric bikes, powered by Pedego, sold that very first day.

As PR Newswire‘s reports: “It was love at first sight when they discovered the Ford electric bicycle powered by Pedego.”

The Ford-Supercruiser1 unquestionably deserves this admiration, and the number of bikes sold has increased considerably since the. “According to reports from the Pedego Company, that number has grown radically since, as dealers across the USA and Canada prepare to show off the new electric bicycle in their dealership.”

The company has been a design leader since Henry Ford led the way. It continues to have this influence. And, in this case, design propels Ford’s commitment to green technologies forward. Here are some more-detailed electric particulars from the press release:

Ford electric bike has earned passionate praise from electric bike experts, as well. Designed for Pedego by world-renowned bicycle architect Tony Ellsworth, the Ford electric bike provides a smooth, marshmallow ride whether you’re conquering hills or charging through headwinds. This high-performance bike soars from zero to 20 mph effortlessly with a 48-volt battery and powerful 600-watt motor. And yet it’s a pleasant, relaxed cruise – truly easy riding. The bike’s crown fork with adjustable handlebars hold a 7-speed geared twist shifter on the left and a throttle on the right. For extra comfort, the handlebars can adjust in and out as well as up and down. The rider enjoys all of these features while gliding on Schwalbe Fat Frank tires. Pedego’s creative team has built an electric bicycle that fits Ford’s required key design elements: sleek styling and a sporty feel that make riding fun, whether you’re seeking adventure or running errands around town.

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