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Electric Vehicle / Tesla Model S Safety Video

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Heads-up, pay attention to those colored cables, one clue to identification — how to handle a crash involving electric vehicles. The numbers electric cars on the road only recently increased from hundreds to the ever-increasing thousands. This increase necessitates new, more broadly distributed information about safe handling of crashes involving electric cars. In the event you witness or are involved in such an unlucky situation, CleanTechnica is sharing a video produced a while back on this topic that is quite informative. We’ve seen it in the past, but we never got around to sharing it, so now we are.

The following video, “Emergency Response To Electric Vehicles,” with Brock Archer and Ron Moore from Advanced Extrication is an indispensable and helpful explanation of particulars regarding crashes with electric vehicles. Although this video is focused on the Tesla Model S video, most of the information is useful to all EVs.

The training video was also created with the help of Tesla Motors. There are a lot of interesting topics/scenarios addressed. It’s very well done, so I encourage you watch it.

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