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BMW i3 Commercials For Olympics Win Gold (4 VIDEOS)

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Originally published on EV Obsession.

As you probably know, I love the BMW i3. It’s not the Model S, but it’s also a lot cheaper, and it’s still an amazing drive and I would say a “no-compromise” electric vehicle. That is, it’s better than any non-electric vehicle in my opinion.

So, I’m super happy to see that BMW has made some of the best EV commercials ever for the i3 for the Winter Olympics — 4 great commercials to go along with an excellent BMW i8 Olympics commercial.

Starting with this first one, “Shhh,” BMW nails several things in a brief 30-second video (very hard to do):

  1. The car is awesome to drive, and has especially excellent acceleration. That is very well portrayed.
  2. The car is about the future. It’s futuristic itself, and it also appeals to a budding teenager — it’s hip and cutting edge. Indeed, it is.
  3. The car is super quiet. That’s one of the major benefits of EVs, and one that is clearly the focus of this commercial, along with the two points above.
  4. The ad also makes you curious about how the i3 can be connected to your smartphone. The short linkage there is long enough to get your attention but short enough that it makes you feel like you should go learn more.

All around, excellently done! Thanks & kudos to BMW!


“Cop” may be even better. Well, it would be if it actually captured the driving speeding in the super zippy BMW i3. But it least it implies that the i3 has great performance. Then it also tags on the gem that at least the driver is saving money on gas — well, likely not buying gas at all, since the default version of the i3 is a 100% electric vehicle, and the optional range extender not intended for a great deal of use. Again, great commercial focusing on the good performance of the i3 as well as the financial/energy/environmental savings that come with electric vehicles. Probably wouldn’t win Olympic gold, but think it deserves a medal.

Also, I’ll tag on that there are a ton of electric cars that are great to drive — the electric experience is much better than tha gasmobile experience. However, the common perception is the reverse, so I can see why the BMW tries to distinguish itself from other EVs, even though I’m not a fan of such negative advertising.

“Reasons” is sort of bland. But at least it focuses on the car being an excellent drive. And perhaps noting that “there are a lot of reasons to drive an electric car” will actually get people looking into the many reasons EVs kick gasmobiles’ boots.

“Zero Gallons” is probably my least favorite, but it does a fine job of noting that the BMW i3 doesn’t require any gas, which is obviously one key benefits of EVs.

All in all, 4 great Olympics commercials for the BMW i3, to go along with the BMW i8’s excellent Olympics ad.

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