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Published on February 4th, 2014 | by Zachary Shahan


For 1st Time, Wind Power Provides Over 50% Of Denmark’s Electricity For 1 Month

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In December, wind power provided the country of Denmark with about 55% of its electricity. This is the first time that the wind-leading country (or any major country) has received over 50% of its electricity from wind power in an entire month.

Of course, wind power provided well over 55% of the country’s electricity during certain periods throughout the month. On December 1, it provided ~136% of the country’s electricity needs. During the week of Christmas, it provided 68.5%.

Denmark has a target of receiving 50% of its electricity from wind power on an annual basis by 2020. It looks like the country is well on its way to achieving that. The country also has a 2050 target of getting 100% of its energy from renewable resources.

For years, Denmark has led the world in wind power capacity per capita. Nonetheless, it doesn’t sit on its laurels. It added a great deal more wind power in 2013, including at a standout 400 MW offshore wind farm, Anholt offshore wind farm.

Source:, via Wind Power Monthly.

Image: wind farm near Copenhagen, Denmark in the early morning, via Shutterstock

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  • Wondering

    What the new research out of Denmark said that between the arrangement between Denmark and Germany that wind power is producing only 7% of the energy, this research was just released in January 2014?????

  • jep

    Denmark is a very small country with extreme gross imports and exports of electricity, both close to a third of consumption:

    This is to say that Denmark doesn’t really have a wind penetration, just like the village closest to a wind farm doesn’t have a wind penetration of more than 100%. Denmark is simply a small part of wider European grid, and relies on much larger neighbors to balance its intermittent power. Thus, large countries such as Germany cannot replicate what Denmark does.

  • Doug Cutler

    You can always depend upon CleanTechnia to brighten your day.

  • Pieter Siegers

    Excellent result! 🙂

  • Peebles Squire

    Denmark is an excellent example of what amazing results can be realized with a strong domestic energy policy. Here, in the U.S., we must avoid erecting barriers against reliable, affordable sources of renewable energy.

    Wind power can lead us to increased energy independence while reducing costs and pollution, especially carbon dioxide emissions. The 60 gigawatts of installed wind capacity at the end of 2012 already offsets nearly 100 million tons of carbon dioxide annually. Those offsets are permanent.

    The Production Tax Credit for wind power is a valuable incentive that helps wind energy compete with more conventional, well-established energy sources. We should urge Congress to expedite its renewal. Wind power, with the help of the PTC, has dropped in cost 43 percent in four years. Clean, reliable, and affordable, wind power is a smart piece of our energy future.

    Peebles Squire

    • Entrenched economic interests undermine forward thinking progressive actions which might benefit this country.

  • Chatteris

    A tradition of social democracy with its sense of the common good.

  • Omega Centauri

    They are furthest along in giving up religion, so they don’t trust “god” to save us from ourselves.

  • Doug Cutler

    What is it with Northern Europe anyway?

    • Bob_Wallace

      Lots of relatively shallow seas in which to plant towers?

      Less well organized anti-renewable, pro-coal forces?

      • climatehawk1

        They don’t have Citizens United?

    • S.Nkm

      A lack of Republicans?

      • Doug Cutler

        That would explain a lot, wouldn’t it.

      • Bob_Wallace

        It’s too bad that Republicans are no longer conservatives but have transitioned themselves into nattering nabobs of negativism.

        Real conservatives would be behind renewable energy and pushing hard. Real conservatives would never put our country at so much risk the way Republicans are now doing.

        • tmac1

          Bob interesting to hear you say that nattering nabobs of negativism phrase. I recently heard Danny Kennedy of Sungevity use the same term in a climate one discussion. It was first uttered ironically by Spiro Agnew or William F Buckley . They were referring to the media at the time I believe who were too. Eat iver about Vietnam or the environment .

          Back to topic the fact that an entire country can have 55% over an entire month is fantastic.

          • Bob_Wallace


            One of the biggest jerks we’ve ever put in office.

          • climatehawk1

            Agnew is definitely the guy who popularized it.

          • A Real Libertarian

            William Safire wrote it for him.

        • Doug Cutler

          Green Tea Coalition in Georgia is an interesting exception.

    • Ross

      There’s still a huge amount of anti-wind NIMBYism here but not a single easily identifiable villain like the GOP.

    • joseph staleen

      its called education

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