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100,000 Nissan LEAFs Sold Worldwide To Date

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More than 100,000 Nissan LEAFs have now been sold worldwide! The impressive milestone was reached only just recently, when a Dr Brett Garner (pictured below) — of Fareham, England — purchased Nissan LEAF #100,000.

The rapid achievement of the notable sales-marker is especially impressive when you consider that as recently as February 2013 “only” 50,000 LEAFs had been sold worldwide — so, essentially, 50,000 vehicles were sold in less than a year. Not bad. 🙂

Nissan LEAF 100,000

TreeHugger provides more:

As we recently reported, Nissan sold 22,610 LEAF EVs in the US in 2013. But if you look at global numbers, according to Nissan the LEAF has a 45% market share among electric vehicles and cumulative sales has just reached the 100,000 units sold milestone. Not bad considering they reached 50,000 in February of this year.

Speaking on his reasoning for choosing the LEAF, buyer #100,000, Dr Garner, stated: “I have chosen my Nissan LEAF because I am very interested in its running costs. The cost of ownership such as maintenance, insurance and charging also convinced my wife. She had the experience of driving 500 miles in a borrowed LEAF and the low cost was remarkable. So she was converted and insisted that we had a LEAF. The Nissan LEAF is perfect for everyday commuting, and there is no problem with charging it. It is ideal for the family as it is quiet and not tiring even on longer journeys, because there is no vibration. Above all, it is a fun to drive car!”

Good points, for sure, and exactly the reasons that LEAF sales will no doubt continue strong for years to come. 🙂

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  • Shiggity

    I’m interested to see where Nissan will go from here. A bigger Leaf? A redesigned Leaf? More battery options?

    • Yeah, waiting to see what it will come out with next. Must be working on something.

  • Matt

    100k with 45% world wide market share match close to the REmap 2030 story (2 back) saying there are currently 200k EVs. But I think the big story here is half of all Nissan Leafs were sold in the last 11 months. That is big growth, if I round up to 1 year. Then at Xmas the totals would be 2014(200k), 2015(400k), 2020(12.8m), 2025(409.6m), 2030(13.1B). Ok, the growth will likely slow for this model, but there will be more makes/models. Which is why the REmap 2030 estimate of 160m feels a low. Since with about growth there would be 160m Leafs by mid 2023. Yes above doesn’t count remove those that are retire by age/crashes from the number. But you have to think cell phone, network connection, etc; linear growth is not the name of the game.

    • Haha. Fully agree. Thanks for the math & context. 😀

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